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It’s spooky season! As soon as I flipped my planner to the first day of October, I immediately thought about the fun costumes and decorations that I would see on Halloween. I always love seeing everyone’s unique personalities shine through their costumes. I know that this fun holiday might look a little different this year because of the pandemic, but there are still fun activities to do for college students. Here are FIVE ways that you can still have an epic and safe Halloween celebration! 

Halloween Photoshoot

The first idea that would be fun, especially for college students, would be a photoshoot! Whether you use a polaroid, Canon camera, or your phone, photoshoots are a great way to bond with your new college friends in a safe way. You can dress up in matching costumes and accessorize with wigs, feather boas, false colorful eyelashes, and even more. To get ideas about poses or costumes for your photoshoot, I would recommend searching up fun ideas on Pinterest and shipping your necessary items through Amazon Prime. If you want, neon LED lights might add a special effect to your photos.

Halloween Movie Marathon

There are so many movie streaming sites from Netflix to Hulu that make it so easy to find spooky Halloween movies to watch. Grab some popcorn and candy and enjoy a long night of jump scares and junk food with your friends! If you’re not really interested in dressing up, then wearing pajamas and cozying up for a movie is a perfect and relaxing way to celebrate your Halloween night! Sometimes the best way to get in the spirit for this holiday is to simply watch classic horror movies. My personal favorite is Scream, which is on Netflix. You’re guaranteed to have a fun time!

Haunted Dorm Decor

If you’re the type of person who enjoys room decor, then this idea is definitely for you. If you’re interested, you can head over to a local craft store and buy fake cobwebs, some green lights, a witch hat and broom, and even plastic spiders. Place these items all over your dorm. For example, you can spread the cobwebs all over your vanity space, closet, windows, and bed. You can also sprinkle some spiders on the floor and a few on the windows and bed. The witch hat and broom can be placed anywhere in the room, wherever you see fit. The lights can also be scattered everywhere. Finally, turn off your room light, play some eerie music, dress up in a dark outfit, and invite your friends to your “haunted dorm”. Not only is decorating your dorm fun and festive, but it’s also a fun way for your friends to see your finished product!

Painting Pumpkins
Small Pumpkin In Hand
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One of my favorite activities that I’ve done since childhood is painting pumpkins. From simple black cats and bats to more complex witches and skeletons, there are plenty of fun Halloween-themed items to paint on pumpkins. You could paint on large pumpkins, but if you would rather have smaller pumpkins for the sake of space, this activity can still be done. Either way, blast some music, have a few friends over, and paint away!

Decorating Cookies

Along with pumpkins, cookies are so fun and easy to decorate. All you need to buy is a box of plain sugar cookies, some colorful icing, sprinkles and you’re all set. You can either just put some plain icing and sprinkles on your cookies, or, if you’re feeling creative, you can decorate your cookies with ghosts, pumpkins, or spiders. When it comes to cookies, the options for decorating are endless and it’s such a fun activity to do with your friends.

Halloween can be a fun holiday to celebrate regardless of how old or young you are! Remember to stay safe and healthy and I hope these tips are helpful!

Aditi Samavedy

Wake Forest '24

I'm currently a freshman at Wake Forest University and love to write, bake and sing!
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