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5 Trends We Are Thankful for


After much anticipation, Thanksgiving is finally upon us. There are a lot of things we are thankful for this year: wonderful friends, supportive families, iPhones, Pinterest, chocolate, fashion, hard alcohol, coffee, bagels and of course Her Campus and all of you collegiettes. This season there were so many amazing fashion finds we were thankful for, that choosing just five was so hard! But after much consideration, here are our top 5 trends we were thankful for this year:

  1. Statement scarves

Scarves are by far my favorite winter accessories. You can absolutely never have enough. You can have a scarf that can go with literally any outfit and then there are those scarves that can make the outfit. You can knot them, twist them, tie them, and more. There are knit ones and cashmere ones, in plaid, or stripes. Embrace the scarf this winter, because you’re worth it.

[Far left: Forever 21; Middle: Free People; Far Right: J.Crew]

  1. Oversized sweaters

The only thing better than a big, comfy scarf to keep you warm on a cold winter night (and maybe a boyfriend…) is a big comfy sweater! My advice is to keep them oversized. You can go classic Christmas sweater and don some reindeer or you can choose more modern styles and patterns. Layer them with vests or throw them on over leggings. They’re versatile so make them your own!

[Far Left: J.Crew; Middle: Forever 21; Far Right: Free People]

  1. Booties

Every collegiette in the world owns boots. It’s on the must-have list before you even walk onto a college campus. But this year it was all about the booties – for those of you who don’t know those are those little boots that reach just above the ankle. They come in the same variety of colors and styles that normal boots do including heel, wedge, and flat. Obviously for class I advise wearing flats. Wedges could work too but those are better for a nice dinner out or to grab a drink. And heels work for a date night or out at a bar.

[Far Left: Steve Madden; Middle: Free People; Far Right: Kate Spade]

  1. Pearls

Pearls are not only a trend to be thankful for right now but they are truly classics. There’s the classic pearl studs or now the more modern take on a strand of pearls. The point is no matter how you were them or incorporate them into your outfit, pearls are always a yes. You can’t go wrong and they certainly are a nice shade of winter white…

[Far Left: Ralph Lauren; Middle: Alexander McQueen; Far Right: Tiffany & Co]


  1. Animal print

Even when I think about the skintight zebra leggings and spandex cheetah print dresses we collegiettes have worn to the countless jungle themed frat parties this year, nothing can take away from our love of animal print. When done right and in small accents or focal pieces there is nothing more fierce. Also, you can obviously incorporate these prints into the first trends we mentioned. Get a great animal print scarf or even a sweater if it doesn’t feel like too much to you. And nothing is better than a fabulous pair of animal printed booties!

[Far left: H&M; Middle: Nordstrom; Far Right: Zappos]

It’s time to be thankful for these amazing trends (and for those of us who spent the long nights scouring the Internet picking them out for you…) and, most importantly, have a very happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Her Campus WFU Style Blog! 

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