5 Things You Can't Find Abroad

By Maddy Kenney

1. Peanut Butter. For all of you lovers of this creamy, crunchy gooey goodness, stock up. The same irresistible nutty butter we’re used to in America is almost impossible to find abroad. You’ll find yourself spending way too much money for a way too small jar which can’t even compare to our delicious Skippy's or Jiff. And if your anything like me you’ll be having your mom ship you jar upon jar because the seven you brought with you didn’t even last a month.

2. Iced Coffee. The traditional iced coffee all Americans have come accustomed to know and love is a hidden gem here in Europe. Iced coffee comes in the form of a shot of espresso with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Delicious yes, but doesn’t quite fix that craving we all know too well of the traditional morning brew.

3. La Croix. For all of you super fans, you may want to rethink what you’re doing before venturing out across the pond. Finding water with any bubbles stronger than your typical weak club soda has yet to happen, especially one with flavors.

4. Goldfish. We all know the feeling after a long day of classes just wanting to lie in bed, reach over and stuff your mouth full of a few fish to settle your hunger. Well apparently here, nobody’s snacks are smiling back. 

5. Conditioner. Girls across the country with long- luscious hair all understand the importance of incorporating a good conditioner into every hair routine. Imagine going into stores and finding nothing but “hair softener” and shampoo.