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5 Things to Look Forward to Once Returning to Wake after Thanksgiving

1. Lovefeast: Lovefeast is an annual service in Wait Chapel that reflects a tradition in the Moravian community. It’s an amazing way to get the entire Wake Forest community together and in the holiday spirit—all while enjoying a sweetened bun and a cup of coffee.

2. Holiday Decorations: During the break, facilities works tirelessly to get the campus in the holiday spirit. Reefs hang on the doors of most buildings and lights line the branches of the majority of campus trees. One can’t help but feel happy walking along the quad at night during this season.

3. Holiday Choral Concert: This concert serves as a great study break and helps you get even more in the holiday spirit!

4. The Food: During finals week, ZSR always has a different meal for the entire library once the clock strikes midnight. Last year, I found myself staying in the library just to get the meals! The librarians also provide free coffee and treats throughout the day. The pit also stays open late sometimes with a wide assortment of food to choose from, like breakfast for dinner!

5. The Community: Everyone can’t help but be thankful, appreciative, and loving during the season. Although finals are stressful, your friends, professors, and other members of the Wake Forest community are always there to assist you in the best way. It’s during this time I’m reminded how much I cherish the community Wake has provided me.

Sarah Kate Massey

Wake Forest '22

I'm an incoming sophomore at Wake Forest, starting to look for roles in the financial industry. As an intended finance major, I'm fascinated by the strategies firms employ to attain capital for others and manage corporations' and individuals' finances. I love everything that Her Campus stands for: the community, the independence, and the individuality. This community is a great creative outlet and an amazing way to strengthen writing skills and critical thinking.
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