5 Things to Learn from Freshman Year

5 Things Freshman Year has Taught Me


  1. That the friends you make at the beginning are not necessarily the friends you will have at the end of the year and that is okay.  



At the beginning of the year you are just desperately searching for anyone to hang out with, as the year continues you actually find people that you want to be friends with long term rather than just to go to meals with.  

2.  While classes and grades are important, they are far from the only thing that matters.



Classes are challenging and while you should always strive to do your best, getting an A just sometimes isn’t plausible and you just have to know that no matter what grade you get as long as you tried your hardest it is going to be alright.  

4.  Get to know people on your hall and who live around you.  



This will be helpful just because it makes the college dorm room environment seem more homey if you are close with the people living around you.  

5.  Have Fun!!!



At the end of the day college is about the experience as well as classes and that means getting out of your dorm room and hanging out with other people.  Make sure to stop studying long enough to just have fun with your friends.