5 Summer Plans to Keep You Motivated

5 Summer Plans to Keep you Motivated



In my opinion the hardest part of the semester is upon us. Spring Break has ended, you can feel summer coming, but it isn’t here yet. In order to make it even harder to have any motivation, professors choose now to have as many tests and essays as possible. But our wishes for summer to come sooner will hopefully be boosted by these ideas for exciting summer plans.  


  1. Relax



While this sounds self-explanatory, of course you’re going to relax, but it would surprise you how many plans you make that you forget to just sit and rest from the all the hard work that you did this year.


2.  Sightsee



Whether or not you’re traveling anyway far, go see something in your hometown that you have never seen before or visit something again that you’ve always wanted to revisit.


3.  Make plans to see your friends



Ask your home friends when they will return to your hometown and start thinking of fun things you guys can do together, rather than just hanging out. Also find out if any of your college friends happen to be in the same area as you during the summer and make an effort to see them!


4.  Binge watch a new show or read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for months


Do something that you would never have time for during the school year with all the hectic work of being a college student. Just sit and revel in some quiet time doing something that you genuinely enjoy.


5.  Enjoy the summer feels


The feeling of driving with the windows down blasting music is what summer is all about, don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it, because it will be over before you know it.

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