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5 Little Things I Have Accomplished this Semester

Can’t believe how fast this semester has gone by. It feels like September was not that long ago and now we are already approaching the holidays and the end of semester is coming really soon. I think this may be a good point to take a look at the fall semester of 2018 before I become too preoccupied with finals and assess the things that have been accomplished and those I need to work on more. I want to focus especially on details, the little things in day to day life that can bring meaningful changes to our lives but are too often been looked pass. Hope my list of the changes I made in this semester can inspire you to appreciate the small accomplishments of your own.

1. Explore local restaurants in Winston-Salem.

Growing up in a big metropolitan area, Winston-Salem has never been a super exciting place for me. So it isn’t until this semester that my friends and I decide to start discovering some new food spots in the city where we’ve been living for two years (yes a bunch of juniors). And so far we’ve found some surprisingly good places. Downtown Winston-Salem is very pedestrian friendly and full of hidden gems, so a casual walk there can often lead to a pleasant discovery. 

(Mozelle’s, the signature Southern Bistro in downtown Winston Salem. Please try if you haven’t already. One of the best dining experience we’ve ever had, seriously.)

2. Stick to my reusable cup. 

As an enthusiastic coffee lover, I consume many cups of coffee each week and spend most of my food dollars at Starbucks. I have always been mindful of plastic wastes, so this semester I really push myself to use my reusable coffee cups as much as possible and minimize the amount of waste I create by buying coffee in disposable cups. That means sometimes I need to get up extra early for my morning coffee and stand in line for a little longer than simply ordering a Tapingo from my room, but I’m genuinely happy for the fact that I am able to stick to my plan and do a simple favor for the environment.

This year’s seasonal cups are available now!

3. Morning workout on weekends.

A regular workout routine is something that I have been keeping since my freshman year, and starting from the spring, I have been trying to extend my workout routine to weekends. Sacrificing one hour of sleeping in for gym may sound intimidating but it really helps me maintain energy level at times of fatigue and avoid feeling bad about wasting half a weekend day. Also the gym, especially the pool, is usually a lot less packed on weekend mornings than during weekdays.

4. Organize closet regularly.

I am capable of messing up my entire closet in one week, and that costs me a lot. Whenever my closet gets super unorganized, it takes me forever to pick an outfit and I am late for classes all the time in the morning because I can’t find a certain piece of cloth. So after moving into my new dorm room this fall semester, I made the plan to organize my closet regularly. Every week when I do my laundry, I sort through my closet to refold clothes that got wrinkled up somewhere in the corner, categorize them, and take out pieces that are no longer suitable for the weather. It helps me save some precious time in the morning. And since I do it regularly, my closet has never reached the level of chaos that I just don’t want to clean it any more.

(You get the idea except my closet is basically blue, grey, and black…)

5. Not to procrastinate on school works. 

Procrastination is really the number one cause to my struggles and anxiety in college. Since this year, I do my best to get away from any kind of procrastination by making note of every deadline, planning ahead for each week, and getting things done one day before the due date. It keeps me at ease when facing many deadlines at once as I start to have more control over my time instead of freaking out at the amount of work I need to do.

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Joanne is a senior at Wake Forest University majoring in international relations and econ. She loves traveling and experiencing different cultures, especially food. She is a HUGE sports enthusiast. She writes about all the little things she loves in her daily life. She wastes most of her time watching TV shows and movies. 
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