The 5 Best Things About Thanksgiving

The time has come for looser pants and plates full of food.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  As we all prepare to go home for this glorious holiday I just wanted to leave you all with my list of wonderful things about Thanksgiving:

1. Pumpkin Pie 

Everyone knows that pumpkin is the best flavor on the planet but put that into pie form and it is simply the best thing ever.  


2.   Black Friday Shopping 

Nothing like celebrating thankfulness than fighting over shoes in a crowded store.  


3.  Going home 

I haven’t been home since August and personally the idea of being in my 70 degree California “fall” is the best thing ever.  No offense Wake, but I’m pretty pumped for this break. 


4.  Thanksgiving episodes 

Who doesn’t want a little Blair Waldorf to go with their turkey?  These episodes make you realize that your family isn’t as crazy as they could be... definitely something to be grateful for.  



No one can deny or say it is too early to get in the Christmas spirit because if Thanksgiving is over it truly is time.  THE TIME IS NOW.  Break out the lights and the cookies and start singing because Christmas is here!!!!! 

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful break full of too much food and Black Friday shopping!! 

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