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4 Ways to Make Finals Week (Somewhat) Enjoyable

With finals week fast approaching, it seems as if there is no more fun to be had of the semester. Everyone is locked up in the library, stressed out about papers and overwhelmed about final exams. But, collegiettes, not all hope is lost! There are definitely some good opportunities left to have fun with your friends here at Wake, even if it seems like you won’t make it through your last final. Here are four ways to make finals week (somewhat) enjoyable!

1. Go out to a fun dinner 

During finals week, most people are studying in the library all day and will often forget to eat or bring their food to the library to eat while they are studying. Instead of doing this, make time to eat with your friends and venture off campus! Carve out an hour in your day to take a break and grab some Village Juice or Silo Cafe with a couple friends or even your study group. This will not only provide you with a well-deserved and much needed study break, but will allow you to fuel up with some good food so that you’re more focused on your work when you return to campus.


2. Watch your favorite TV show before bed

If you’re anxious about the final you have to take tomorrow, watch an episode of your favorite TV show before bed or while eating breakfast the next morning. This will take your mind off of your impending final and will help you relax before you get an A, duh.


3. Go to the gym or take a workout class

It is so important to take breaks while studying, so why not take our your nerves with a class at Yoga Dogz in Reynolda village or even at the gym on campus? Even squeezing in 20 minutes to do a quick workout will make you feel so much better. You could even grab some friends and workout all together!


4. Do something fun with your hallmates

Get your hallmates together for something fun during finals week! You only have a couple of days left to hang out with them during this semester, so make hot chocolate and bake some cookies and watch a movie together in the lounge, or even organize a spa night together. 


Good luck on finals, everyone! I know that we’re all going to kill it. 4.0 GPA here we come!


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