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4 Things Every Collegiette Needs This Holiday Season

In a perfect world, finals wouldn’t exist, Winter Break would start on Thanksgiving and run all the way through New Years, and class would be cancelled every time the temperature dipped below 45 degrees. With the cold winter weather and holiday season approaching, here are a few things that every college student wishes they could get for Christmas: 


1. More Sleep 

This is definitely a year round need, but sleep is especially scarce during finals season. 


2. Cash

Stress levels are high as food dollars run low. 

3. Hand warmers, heated blankets, towel heaters, etc. 

You can actually purchase a towel warmer on Amazon

4. All end of the semester obligations and finals to magically disappear

*Googles how to ace exams without trying* 


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Haley Callicott

Wake Forest '19

Haley is a current senior at Wake Forest University majoring in business and minoring in writing. She is the Editor-in-Chief and Campus Correspondent for HC Wake Forest, a member of Kappa Beta Gamma and an undergraduate advisor for the Student Advisory Board. 
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