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4 Small Businesses Run By College Students That You Should Invest In


TYLER is run by college sophomore Tyler Bell who goes to Fordham University in New York City. She grew up in Charlotte, NC, and has a passion for dance. She dances with the Alvin Ailey Company when she is not studying. Tyler has always pursued entrepreneurial opportunities and has an eye for fashion; her latest venture lives out the word “classic” while putting her own twist on it. From hoops to tennis bracelets, to initial necklaces (all offered in both silver and gold), TYLER has a range of lines and styles that can appeal to everyone and look flattering on whoever decides to try them on. The brand truly embodies her story of moving to the big city: always classic, perfect for any occasion, and stays true to who you are.

Sharing Sunshine – @sharingsunshine_

Sharing Sunshine is run by Daily Rae Leary, a sophomore at Wake Forest. She experiments with graphic design to create aesthetically pleasing stickers and poster designs available on Redbubble. Part of the brand is also her Instagram which breaks down the enneagram and finds fun ways to inform her audience about the enneagram. Overall, the brand is fun, bright, and always is pertinent to the present moment. She has fun quotes from Michelle Obama, Amanda Gorman, and more references to iconic moments such as SNL skits and Bernie at the inauguration, as well as Wake Forest stickers and designs. You can go to her Instagram or Redbubble any time for inspirational and happy content.

Broadway Bookmarks – @broadway_bookmarks

Broadway Bookmarks is run by Rachel Lebda, a sophomore at NYU. Rachel is studying stage management and design and has a passion for theater, especially Broadway. Every bookmark is handmade and she picks a quote specific to each customer. The customer can ask for any and all customizations. She has been a vendor at BroadwayCon and has found a lot of success on Etsy. These bookmarks are perfect for any theater lover, or anyone who just happens to love a specific show; they are colorful, thoughtful, and act as a perfect connection to the theater in a time where it isn’t possible to enjoy it at its full capacity.

Millie’s Boutique – @milliesboutiquee

Millie’s Boutique is run by Millie Saydlowski, a future freshman at Wake Forest next fall. She started the business within the past year and it is a blend of original clothing designs, resale items, and jewelry. Pinks, whites, and golds run as color motifs throughout the brand and provide a bright and care-free vibe while staying current and trendy. One of the biggest accomplishments of the brand is its efforts to give back to the community. Part of the sales go to The Bulb, which is a non-profit in Charlotte, NC trying to alleviate the hunger crisis. Also, by emphasizing the importance of resale, and upcycling Millie’s Boutique aids in reducing the negative effects of fast fashion.

Emma Martin

Wake Forest '23

I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University. I am a lover of all things art: painting, theater, crafts, and diy. I love my two dogs Cabbi and Biscuit. I am a traveler at heart; some of my favorite places I have been are Prague and Venice. I am an intended double major in English and Studio Art with a minor in Spanish. Fun fact: I was born in London, UK.
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