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19 Ways to Procrastinate for Finals

1. Shop for swimsuits online. With posties and summer coming up, what else would be more important?

Cowrie Bandeau for $68.49 at Zennor Bikini

2. Any other form of online [window] shopping, really.

3. Go off campus for food, because we all need to eat, right?

4. Work out. Can’t let finals ruin that hard-earned beach bod.

5. Text, text, text, and text some more. We don’t want our friends or S.O. to think we are ignoring them…

6. Netflix. Simply a no-brainer.

7. Watch all those hilarious/adorable/delicious videos on your Facebook feed. YouTube also works.

8. Social media in general.

9. Go on a nice walk.  Wouldn’t want to waste this beautiful weather we’ve been having.

10. Do laundry. ‘Cus you know, you’ve got piles of it.

11. Do other, less time-pressing work. The most productive form of procrastination there is.

12. Clean your room. Somehow, cleaning can even be fun when it means you don’t have to write that paper.

13. Call your family. You know you don’t do it enough, and finals week is the perfect time to make up for it.

14. Pack.

15. Meet up with that special someone *wink*.

16. Paint your nails.

17. Go grocery shopping. Study snacks are a necessity.

18. Study with your friends. Because you totally won’t get distracted sitting next to your bestie.

19. Stare into space, thinking of all the work you have to do and imagining how nice it will be when it’s all done. ‘Cus, you know, that’s effective. 

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