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15 Signs You Go to Wake Forest

A cheetah has its spots. A turtle has its shell. We have Arnold Palmer, DKE, Subway and Natty O…

Check out the 15 Signs You Go to Wake Forest:

1. You talk about Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, Arnold Palmer, and Webb Simpson as if they are your good friends.

                                                                                                             *Image from news.wfu.edu

2. Chances are you have been too tired from Wake Wednesday to make it to your Thursday classes, but somehow found yourself at Last Resort later.

3. You have been lost in Tribble more than once. Maybe even more than once a day.

                                                                                          *Image from archive.magazine.wfu.edu

4. You rarely begin the evening at DKE, but always seem to find yourself there at late night.

5. When you register for a class on the fifth floor of Greene, you instantly imagine how great your quads are going to look at the end of the semester.

6. Your friends at other schools find it concerning that a stranger picks you up on the sidewalk and drives you to off-campus parties.

                                                                                                   *Image from TexasSharon.com

7. The Subway on your campus is busier at three in the morning than it is at noon.

8.  Saturday morning tailgates resemble a smaller-scale Carolina Cup or Kentucky Derby.

                                                                                                           *Image from InThePink.tumblr.com

9. You alternate between carrying your books in a North Face backpack and a Longchamp bag.

10. Adults you meet frequently comment on how good your sports teams used to be.

                                                                                       *Image from Wakeforestsports.com

11. Your “lazy day” outfit consists of Lululemon leggings, your spirit jersey and colorful Nike tennis shoes.

12. You never miss a tailgate, but could often care less about attending the actual game.

13. Your name is always spelled wrong on your Starbucks cup. Intention: Cassie 

14. The president of your school, whom you refer to as “Natty O,” throws a ball for you every two years and lets you camp in his yard.

                                                                                                             *Image from news.wfu.edu

15. Late night cookout. Enough said.

Go Deacs! 

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