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10 Reasons Why We Celebrate #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay



10 Reasons Why We Celebrate #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay


10. She grew up with one of the biggest stars in the world and still managed to build her own career independent of her brother. Her brother is Michael Jackson, just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years.



9. She’s an equally talented singer and dancer; just try learning the choreography to Rhythm Nation while also singing the lyrics. #SKILLS

8. Not only is Janet Jackson a wonderful singer, she can act too! Check out Poetic Justice, no not the Kendrick Lamar song but the actual movie featuring Tupac alongside Janet Jackson. It is a great romantic drama with poetry written by Maya Angelou. Plus there is plenty of 90’s fashion to enjoy.


7. Janet Jackson’s music is timeless, demonstrated by the amount of popular artists who have used her music in their own. Kendrick Lamar, Usher, T.I., Drake, and Bruno Mars are among the many artists who continue to sample Jackson’s music.

6. She used her grief over her brother Michael’s death to do an improv scene in the movie “Why Did I Get Married Too?”, the sequel to the popular Tyler Perry film, “Why Did I Get Married?”. During filming, her brother passed away and she was scheduled to shoot the scenes depicting her life after her on-screen husband’s death. Jackson used her own personal tragedy as motivation to continue shooting complete with a scene of her destroying her home with a baseball bat.

5. She taught us all that if you see a nice looking guy at the club that you should totally make a move.

4. Homegirl is really dripping in finesse after her divorce to Qatari Wissam Al Mana. They were married for five years and had a child together which entitles Jackson to about $200 million dollars!!!



3. Have you seen her abs?? Janet Jackson’s legendary abs are fitness inspiration to even the most regular gym attendee.

2. Janet Jackson’s style is simple and chic but also daring and classic. I live to see what she wears on tour and at this year’s Essence Festival.

1. Janet Jackson and some other guy gave us the most memorable and controversial  Super Bowl halftime show of all time. Not only did #Nipplegate give some people their first glance at this body part, it also forever changed the entertainment of the Super Bowl. And most importantly, while this could have derailed Janet’s entire career, her fans remained loyal and she has been able to continuously sell out arenas while on tour.


Mia Wilson

Wake Forest

Mia Wilson is a senior English and French double major at Wake Forest University. When not in class or studying frantically, she enjoys working out in the gym, catching up on the latest fashion trends and napping. Her hobbies include traveling, her Maltese Nahla and drinking Starbucks. Catch her on Instagram @mwilson__14
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