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10 of the Most Enjoyable Southern Cities to Visit This Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.
  1. Asheville, North Carolina 

Asheville is a vibrant city in the fall with a quaint, small-town feel that gives it the best cozy feel. There are activities all throughout the fall season for people of all ages. Asheville has some of the best colors and is a perfect place to enjoy fantastic weather while looking at the beautiful colors of the leaves. There are many different and unique ways to look at all the colors of the fall such as hiking, scenic drives and even hot air balloon trips. There are also a variety of fall festivals that are for all ages from the end of September to the beginning of November. Asheville is a beautiful place with so much to enjoy during this time of year. 

  1.  Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

I put Gatlinburg second on this list because it’s such a tourist town, especially in the fall. This is because of how beautiful it is. You can see all the beautiful colors of the season against a stunning mountain landscape. It’s one of the top places to see fall foliage in all of the United States. The whole city is decorated with fall decorations to celebrate The Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival. There are festivals and activities to do every single weekend this fall and almost every day. There are so many activities to do in this beautiful city. I feel like this is a city that really encapsulates this season. 

  1. Savannah, Georgia 

While you might be thinking, isn’t this a beach town? there is so much to do in this beautiful city in the fall. The fall season in this town is’t just filled with unique fall scenery, but music, festivals and good times. One of the biggest draws to this city is the OktoberFest, which they host every weekend from late September all the way through October. They keep their city spooky during this season with their different haunted tours and houses. With the warmer weather and beautiful scenery, you should definitely make this one of your stops this fall. 

  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is known as a city full of music and beautiful art, and this is all brought into the fall season. This season in Nashville is not only filled with beautiful scenery but so many fun things to do. There are amazing festivals filled with good food and good music. This is a city where any age will have fun. There’s plenty of stuff for younger kids and families and there are activities and festivals that are more curated to an older crowd. The weather will still be amazing and not too chilly, but you still get that amazing fall feel with the colorful leaves. The good thing about Nashville is you can go anytime within the fall season because there are activities and festivals practically every day from mid-September to the beginning of November. 

  1. Athens, Georgia 

For a lot of people, a large part of the fall season is football, and if you’re looking for a good town to celebrate some football and have fun, this is an amazing city for that. UGA football games are for all ages but tend to draw in many college-aged students. There’s something that’s so amazing about tailgating with all of your friends while the leaves fall. There are definitely ways to celebrate the game with all ages. For people 21 and over, Athens has the most bars per square mile in the South and there are plenty of tailgates that are catered to families and younger kids. Of course, the game is for everyone. If you’re looking for a place to go to have a fun game day Saturday this fall, Athens is the place. 

  1. Williamsburg, Virginia 

Williamsburg is a beautiful place, especially in the fall. This is the kind of city that’s known for its cozy and homey atmosphere, which is perfect for the fall season. During this season, this city is filled with art, markets, music and history. Williamsburg is filled with so much history, which is perfect for this season. You can take a spooky walk around the cobblestone streets while getting told stories of Williamsburg’s past. They are also known for their super spooky tours, festivals and houses. They have one of the best Ghost Tours in all of America, based on their colonial history and the vibe of the city. Aside from this, there are tons of cute and fun fall festivals for people of all ages. The weather here is also super beautiful this time of year. 

  1. Charleston, SC 

Like Savannah, this is commonly known as a beach town, but is still a stunning city to visit during this season. It’s still cozy and slightly chilly but is nice and warm. The temperatures are amazing if you’re looking for somewhere more warm and bright. This is also a great time to visit this amazing and vibrant city outside of its peak tourist season. Like Williamsburg, a lot of their more spooky tours incorporate the city’s history. This is one of the best times to visit this city if you’re a foodie because Charleston has multiple large food festivals throughout this season. If you want to go somewhere warmer and enjoy amazing food and fall festivals, this is the perfect place to travel in the South this fall. 

  1. Greenville, SC 

Greenville is one of my favorite cities all year round, but in the fall it’s even more beautiful. This city is filled with so many things to do and so many fun activities. This is the perfect kind of city for families to visit this fall. There are plenty of family-friendly activities, including a lot of farms where any age can go to pick apples and enjoy yummy apple treats. While apple picking, you get to see the beautiful colors of the season throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are right outside the city of Greenville. To go along with fun family activities, there are great fall adventures like corn mazes, with Greenville having some of the largest ones in the Southeast. Greenville has some amazing pumpkin patches to walk around with the whole family. There’s amazing weather in Greenville all of fall so there are a ton of fun outdoor dining options. If you’re a foodie, besides these amazing outdoor restaurants, there are amazing farmers markets all throughout the fall season. Greenville is a super fun city to enjoy with the whole family or go to enjoy some wholesome fall activities. 

  1. Bardstown, KY 

Kentucky is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy during the fall season because of the changing leaves and the fact that 47% of the state is covered in trees, and there are many different types. Some of the best leaf-viewing spots are in Bardstown, Kentucky. This city is more for the 21+ because it’s known for its bourbon distilleries. While here, you can tour the historic side of Bardstown and look at beautiful old houses that perfectly fit the fall aesthetic. There are many outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy with all of the trails surrounding this city. This is one of the more historically-preserved cities and it’s fascinating to walk around and see.

  1. Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville is a very quaint town with a cozy feel that’s perfect for the fall season. This is a place that’s friendly for all ages. It’s surrounded by mountains and even vineyards where you can walk around and enjoy the colors changing. Charlottesville is also right outside of the University of Virginia so it has that college-town feel. There are a variety of fun fall festivals for all ages in their cute downtown area and in the land surrounding the city. Have fun going to a festival, going apple picking, or just enjoying the leaves changing in all the beautiful scenery Charlottesville has to offer. 

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