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10 Facts About Lizzo That Make Her Even More of an ICON

10 Facts About Lizzo That Make Her Even More of an ICON

  • Just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% knowledgeable about Lizzo’s life story 


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  1. When she was 14, she began her rapping career with a group called Cornrow Clique. (What were you doing when you were 14??)
  2. Her first album, Lizzobangers, came out in 2013. (So no, you’re not cool for knowing all the words to “Good As Hell” before all your friends did.)
  3. In fact, “Good As Hell” came out in October of 2016. (Where were you? Where was I?)
  4. Lizzo’s real name is Melissa Jefferson. And she’s from Minneapolis. Change your name and move to LA and anything is possible.
  5. Lizzo studied classical flute performance at the University of Houston… because, of course she did. (BONUS FACT: she’s been playing since she was 10.)
  6. The songs on Cuz I Love You are all inspired by the summer Lizzo began therapy—and she works through her struggles on serious bops like “Cuz I Love You,” “Crybaby,” and “Jerome.”
  7. She has described her music as “church with a twerk” which seems… inexplicably accurate.
  8. Lizzo played the piccolo in marching bands from middle school to college. She told NPR that she “was the baddest piccolo in the land, cuz [she] got big lungs.”
  9. She’s 31 and an expert at meme culture. (Just Google “Lizzo Flute and Shoot.” Do it.)
  10. Lizzo inspires so many people with her openness. Once she tweeted to a fan struggling with self-esteem that “Loving yourself doesn’t happen over night.. self-hate is years of internalized programming from external influences… sometimes self-hate is a chemical & effects ya mentally/emotionally.. give your growth time—it took me 10 years and I’m still not 100% there.”


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