Your Guide to Gobblerfest

Whether you’re a new or returning student at Virginia Tech, Gobblerfest is a great event to attend. The Division of Student Affairs describes Gobblerfest as “an annual festival intended to engage students in campus activities and connect with the surrounding community while inspiring curiosity, civility and self-understanding”.

Mark your calendars for this Friday, September 2nd, from 4-8pm. This event is heald annually on the Drillfield, making it super easy to access, especially for anyone living on campus. There is no reason to not go! Gobblerfest is where you can go to learn about clubs and organizations that interest you. There will be multiple booths set up all over the Drillfield with enthusiastic groups wanting you to be a part of a fun community.

Here are some tips to serve as your guide to Gobblerfest 2016:

1. Look on Gobbler Connect

It’s a good idea to glance over the Gobblerfest page so that you have in mind some clubs that you want to check out. Here is a handy list of all the booths that will be present. If you know what you're looking for, you will be better prepared to sign up for listserves and take free stuff without getting overwhelmed by all the booths.

2. Try something new

Virginia Tech has 938 clubs and organizations on their Gobbler Connect page. Out of those hundreds of groups, it’s certain that you’ll find the right one to fit into. Trying something new because opens up your doors to meet people and form new friendships that you didn't expect to have. Virginia Tech has some pretty unique clubs and organizations; you might as well try them out while you're here!

3. Go with a friend

Sometimes trying out a new activity is more fun with someone that has the same interests as you!

4. Have questions that you want to ask

Maybe you’re curious about how to join, when meetings are, or what the club’s overall goals are. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s the whole point of Gobblerfest – to inform you and engage you. Familiarizing yourself with the groups you want to check out will also help in this area.

5. Visit the Her Campus booth!

Interested in joining Her Campus? Interested in meeting a great and creative group of girls to work with and make friendships with? Want to be a part of something more? Then we'll see you this Friday at the Her Campus booth!