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Why and Where to Volunteer Around Blacksburg

Volunteering has always been and will always be a part of my life. It has taught me how to be selfless, empathetic and understanding of people. Volunteer work gives you the opportunity to support a cause that you believe in, impact people’s lives and give back to the local community. On top of all those wonderful things already listed, volunteering can help you learn new skills that you can apply to your future career. You will learn problem-solving, communication skills, leadership and many other useful skills you’ll use in the future. Here are some of my favorite places around Blacksburg that I have volunteered at that are looking for more volunteers!

Humane Society of Montgomery County

The Humane Society of Montgomery County provides shelter for homeless animals until they are adopted into new, loving homes. This place is definitely for animal lovers. I especially like that this place is a no-kill shelter and no animal here will ever be put down. Here you can walk and socialize dogs and cats, but if that isn’t for you, then you can volunteer at their store called Second Time Around to stock shelves and help customers. They are also always in need of supplies if you are able to donate dog/cat food, beds, toys, paper towels, etc.  

The Giving Tree Food Pantry

This wonderful organization in Christiansburg gives food to those that are less fortunate in the NRV area. You can help out by either hosting a food drive, dropping off food donations or participating in food distribution on Fridays. Here is a list of more information of what foods they are asking to be donated and the schedules for drop-offs and distribution.

Blacksburg Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is a perfect place to volunteer if you live on campus or don’t have a car because it is just a brief walk to downtown. It happens every Wednesday and Saturday and is a really fun experience. I personally like it because you get to know the vendors and get to buy their local products while you’re there. They are all so kind and their products are truly special.

The YMCA Thrift Shop

This thrift shop is located on North Main Street and sells gently donated items. This is a great place to volunteer if you like to organize and like a quieter atmosphere. Also it’s a major plus if you like to go thrift shopping because you get first pick of the clothes, books, furniture, etc.

Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall is a retirement home located a short drive from Virginia Tech, right next to the Lewis Gale Montgomery Hospital. If you like volunteer work related to older people than this is the place for you! You’ll socialize with the residents of Heritage Hall and trust me, some of them have really interesting stories about their lives.  

Hopefully with these diverse options, you have found at least one that you are interested in! If you aren’t able to dedicate a lot of time to these organizations, even a small amount of your time or money makes a big difference. And if you don’t want to volunteer alone, join an organization with the main focus of volunteering such as: VT Engage, Alpha Phi Omega, Chi Delta Alpha, Circle K International, etc. Ut Prosim!

Image Sources: GIFs from Giphy.com 

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