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What I Missed About Tech

Spend even a weekend away from Blacksburg, and you may find yourself missing a few things. Spend a month away, and we can guarantee you will notice something is amiss. A Hokie’s home is Virginia Tech’s stone-clad campus and the enveloping embrace of the Blacksburg community. This is HOME. With that said, here are a few things you missed while away for winter break…

Weather and Atmosphere-

While it may seem a little dreary to some people, a Hokie feels at home with the chilly air. It makes me want to curl up with a latte and a blanket and Netflix all day long. Sometimes it’s clear and crisp and time for a hike and other times its snowy and quiet and good for sledding or hot chocolate. Either way I’m glad to be back.

Freedom of Living in Blacksburg-

Back here at Virginia Tech you can do whatever you want. I mean of course it’s within reason but really the choices are endless. Maybe today I’ll do my laundry, maybe I’ll go visit friends. Nobody can tell you otherwise AND you don’t have to feel guilty about it. The expectations are set by yourself and you can begin to feel like an actual adult.

People and Friends-

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. I love being a Hokie because I love my roommates and my friends, and even just the general attitude of the people here. Sure there’s the occasional bad egg, but generally people will hold the door for the person walking behind them and be polite to the dining service workers and just generally be respectful. Hokies look out for other Hokies.

The Food-

Of course, no Hokie can refuse to acknowledge the importance of Virginia Tech food. Whether its ABP coffee, Turner sushi or West End fries, I honestly I miss them all equally. So much for my new year’s resolutions, bring on the Qdoba and the smoothies because some things deserve prioritization and my love of the VT food is one of them.

Working Towards My Degree-

There’s just something about being productive and working toward a goal that’s really meaningful. Sure, laying around during break is amazing and I love hanging out with everyone from my hometown, but breaking out the new highlighters and the pens and really learning something new in the field I want to work in is so rewarding. However, in a few weeks during the first round of testing I’ll feel otherwise. But for now, I’m loving the smell of new books and looking forward to classes! 

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I'm a Sophomore in the Statistics major here at Virginia Tech, and (fun fact) I have citizenship in three countries. LETS GO HOKIES
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