What to Expect for Your First Music Festival

It’s about that time of year when all of the summer festivals release their line-ups and people start buying tickets for their weekend of choice. Being a newbie to the festival crowd is intimidating, especially when the only thing familiar about festival life is the bohemian outfits you’ve seen girls wearing on Instagram. For anyone who’s even little apprehensive about surviving their first festival, here are a few tips on what to expect.



Your Body Will Hate You

No matter where you go, you’ll definitely be logging in some miles. Make it easier on yourself and try to pack as light as you can. With all of the singing, dancing, laying in the sun, and whatever else you’ll be putting your body through, hydrating is key. Bring a refillable water bottle and keep an eye out for free refill stations around the festival site.



There Will Be Plenty Of Chances To Blow All Of Your Money (A.K.A. Your Bank Account Will Also Hate You)

Festivals can get expensive quick if you’re not paying attention to how much you’re spending. If you’re thinking of buying exclusive merch, maybe try to limit the amount of beer and $12 slices of pizza you order by bringing groceries instead. Also keep in mind that many festivals are now going cashless, so be sure to do some research on what type of payment is or isn’t allowed at your specific venue.


You May Want To Plan An Itinerary

Although festivals are obviously centered around musical performances, there’s really so much more to the experience. At Bonnaroo, you’ll find a Ferris Wheel and multiple art exhibits, whereas Hangout Fest features roller disco and volleyball on the beach. With so many distractions, it’s easy to lose track of time, so if you have anyone you’re dying to see perform, make a schedule! Decide what your preferred plan of action is: Are you going to hop from one stage to another or camp out all day to see your favorite artist front row?



Learn To Go With The Flow

Then again, no matter how much you plan, there’s only so much you can control. More than likely, you will get lost and that’s okay. Festivals are unpredictable and it’s easy for things to go wrong, especially when you’re camping in the middle of nowhere. In my first weekend at Firefly, a friend of mine lost her wallet and phone and another’s car battery died. Be mentally prepared for whatever comes your way, whether it be unexpected thunderstorms or aggressive strangers pushing and shoving you in the crowd.



You’ll Be Back Next Year

Music festivals are an experience unlike no other. The people and performers are energetic, bold, and genuinely excited to be alive. For anyone who isn’t totally in love with their weekday summer job or internship, this is a perfect opportunity to get away and immerse yourself in the music of your favorite artists while making unforgettable memories.


Even if you think you may not fit into the scene, there is truly a festival for everyone from Electric Forest for EDM enthusiasts, to Rolling Loud for hip-hop fans, and Carolina Country Music Fest for country lovers. Cherish the moments you spend during this weekend because you’ll be talking about it for a long time after.



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