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Ways to Spice Up Your Game Day Outfit

At last, it’s the time of year we’ve all been waiting for: football season. While we may not realize it, one of the most essential components of football season (well, for me at least) is the fashion. So, whether you’re sporting a football jersey, cropped shirt, or a fall sweater, here are five ways that you can spice up your game day outfit this semester. 

Add some bling

This one might seem obvious, but jewelry can go a long way. Flaunting some bulky earrings (maroon and orange, of course) or layering necklaces will instantly enliven any outfit. Personally, I love layering rings or bracelets because I think it makes my outfit look more put together, even when I’m wearing a tacky college sweatshirt from Goodwill.

Accessorize with unique belts

Whatever you decide to wear, a dazzling belt can make any game day outfit seriously stylish. Try out something flashy if you want to stand out, or go for something simple that will tie your look together. If you’re wearing a dress, a bulky belt will draw attention to your outfit and accentuate your curves while a skinner belt will look great with jeans or skirts. Even just a simple maroon tie can look amazing!

Wear scarves or bandanas

Last year, wearing scarves saved me at tailgates during some of those colder games in October and November. Not only are they useful, but you can also wear scarves and bandanas in a multitude of ways. If you’re looking for a spirited hairstyle, grab a maroon or orange bandana to wear as a headband or tied together in a ponytail. Bandanas also look adorable tied around the neck (sort of like an airline hostess), so don’t forget to consider that! When it comes to scarves, you can really kill two birds with one stone by keeping yourself warm while also adding a fashionable flair to your outfit.

Wear an eye-catching hat

If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want the trouble of styling a major game day look, pop on a cute hat for an easy fix. Don’t feel constrained by past trends! Even though bucket hats were a summer trend, I’ve already planned out a game day outfit with one I just bought. Beanies, fisherman hats, visers, or just a plain baseball hat will also give you an effortlessly stylish look on gameday.

Try out some fun makeup

I know a lot of people wear at least some makeup on game days, but why not try something new and colorful to stand out? I’ve always thought a cool blend of maroon and orange eyeshadow would be a striking and memorable and look. You could even go with an orange eyeliner for a hokie-themed cat eye. I always like to wear a maroon lip and an orange eyeshadow to show off my hokie colors. Of course, glitter is always a great option too!

Whatever you decide to wear this fall semester, hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to look and feel your best self on game days!

Molly Dye

Virginia Tech '22

Communication student who loves music, art, journaling, and old movies. After college, I'm hoping to travel and help people all over the world.
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