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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

When I came to Virginia Tech for the first time last year as a freshman, I was overwhelmed. It felt like such a large place and I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to find my place. Once classes started, I had such a culture shock, since college was nothing like high school. I felt so unprepared. Content didn’t come to me as easily as it used to, and I had imposters syndrome. Luckily after a few months at Tech, I was able to find so many amazing resources that helped ease the transition a little easier. In no particular order, here are some awesome campus resources that you should check out! Despite the current state the world is in, all of these resources are still available virtually!

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Hokie Wellness- https://hokiewellness.vt.edu/students.html

Hokie Wellness has a variety of different resources catered to every wellness need, including alcohol, nutrition, substance misuse, body image, sex, mental health, and finances. There are different classes and workshops available to students, free of charge, which are accessible through the Hokie Wellness website. There are also outreach programs and even one-on-one coaching consultations with professionals. 

Cook Counseling- https://ucc.vt.edu/

As long as you have paid your student health fee, Cook Counseling services are readily available for you. First time counseling appointments include an initial phone call to make a plan, and see what services would be best fit for your situation. There are individual and group counseling available all through Zoom this semester. Mental health is important, especially in college during these times, so take advantage of the professional services available to Hokies. 


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The Student Success Center- https://studentsuccess.vt.edu/

My first semester at Tech, I struggled with biology and chemistry. My study plan was all over the place, so I decided to check out the student success center. They offer peer academic coaching that can help with time management, study skills, overcoming procrastination. They also offer a seminar series on academic success, coaching to create an individualized plan to achieve success and develop new skills, and individual tutoring and weekly reviews for many classes. 

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Women’s Center- https://www.womenscenter.vt.edu/

There are ample initiatives and programs are ranging from salary negotiation consultants to workshops on bystander education. The Women’s Center provides resources intending to ensure women feel safe, equitable, supported, and celebrated. 

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Transitional Advising- https://advising.vt.edu/advising-resources/transitional-advising.html

Within my first semester of college, I realized that the major I came in with might not have been the best one for me. Transitional advising offers individual appointments to explore the countless majors at VT and figure out what would work best for you. Remember, it’s okay to change your path and find out what you enjoy! I found my current major through the majors fair, and I could not be happier with what I am studying now. 

Marciana Castillo

Virginia Tech '23

Marciana is a sophomore from Norfolk, VA majoring in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise with minors in Integrative Health and Wellness and Creative Writing. She aspires to become a physician and author one day. When she's not studying you can catch her watching rom coms, teaching with Hokie Wellness, sipping matcha boba, jamming to music, or playing spikeball!
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