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Three Coffee Shops In Blacksburg You Need To Try

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One of my absolute favorite things to do is grab coffee with friends. Not only is a cup of coffee a great treat, but the time I spend with my friends is something I treasure. Whether we need a special place to catch up with friends, a motivating space to study, or simply craving a good cup of coffee and a snack, these three coffee shops are worth a visit.


Coffeeholics is located on Draper Road, about a two-minute walk from Squires Student Center. The interior is decorated in a modern style with neutral colors and dim lighting. It offers a cozy feeling while providing each table with its proper space. There are plenty of tables, as well as a couch and island for customers to enjoy their coffee and meals. They are open all week from 8 a.m. to 6 pm. Coffeeholics has a considerably versatile menu. They have frappes, smoothies, teas, brewed coffees, specialty drinks and espresso, as well as non-espresso drinks. My favorite drinks to order are their white chocolate mocha — hot and iced — and their chai tea latte. When it comes to their food options, Coffeeholics does not disappoint. They have a range of desserts from croissants to cheesecake, breakfast items like their delicious Belgian waffles, soups of the day, salads and sandwiches. My favorite sandwich of theirs is the smoked salmon baguette. All in all, Coffeeholics provides a comfortable environment with a wide range of delicious drinks and food.


Idego Coffee is located on North Main Street and has a small parking lot just outside. This coffee shop is smaller than the others; however, the tables and island are spaced a good distance apart. Two special aspects of Idego Coffee are the amount of natural light that pours in through the many large windows, and the map of where their coffee is sourced from around the world. They are open all week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Idego Coffee has such delicious drinks, including americanos, cappuccinos, various flavored lattes, tea and a range of cold drinks. Some of my favorites from their drinks menu are the marshmallow, house chai latte and Italian soda. Idego Coffee also provides yummy snacks including bagels, croissants, muffins, scones and cookies. This coffee shop is a cute place to hang with friends or study alongside a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.


Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea is also located on North Main Street. The inside is decorated in a beautiful vintage fashion with wooden accents making it feel warm and cozy. There are plenty of tables pretty evenly spaced as well as wonderful artwork across the walls. Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea is open all week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. One fact about this coffee shop is that they only use Arabica beans for their coffee. They have a good selection of espresso beverages including lattes, mochas, americanos, cappuccinos, breves and espressos with customizable flavors. They also sell non-caffeinated drinks like chai, cider, hot chocolate, lemonade, juices, milk and smoothies. Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea also provides breakfast and lunch meals. Some of their breakfast options include steak, egg, or provolone wraps, oatmeal with brown sugar and a build-your-own breakfast sandwich or omelet. Some of their lunch options include their Ham & Swiss sandwich, Turkish Roast sandwich, BLT with Guacamole, Chicken Philly Cheese Steak, and grilled cheese sandwich. My go-to order at Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea is simple but delicious: a vanilla latte. All around, this coffee shop is a friendly spot to enjoy a yummy meal.

It is such a fun time to grab coffee with friends. All three of these coffee shops near Virginia Tech’s campus offer delicious drinks and food as well as comfortable areas to enjoy. I hope you decide to give Coffeeholics, Idego Coffee and Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea a try.

Simone Smith

Virginia Tech '25

I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech pursuing a major in communications and a minor in digital marketing. I enjoy reading, painting, dancing, writing, nature, and hanging out with friends.
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