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Things To Do if You are Staying Home for Break

Going somewhere warm with friends is a typical college girl’s spring break, and if you are staying home it can feel disheartening to see everyone else posting pictures at the beach. There are plenty of underrated advantages to staying home for spring break; like getting to see your dogs, friends from home and going to all the restaurants you have been missing. If you are staying home for break this year and wondering how to make the most of your week, here is the perfect list of ways to spice up the week!

Have a photoshoot with friends:

After months indoors, you are probably in need of a new profile picture. If it is nice enough outside, drive around with friends and take pictures at cute nature preserves or parks in the area. If it is cold and dreary outside, then set up a photo booth inside with friends. Find a blank wall or hang a sheet or tapestry up, and start taking pictures. Sometimes searching the house for ridiculous props is half the fun, you might end up uncovering some old dance costumes or soccer jerseys in the process.

DIY Projects:

Search Pinterest for the best and easiest DIY’s. Here are some top picks:

Painted Woodblock letters:

Michael’s sells woodblock letters, you can buy your initials and paint designs or prints on them. These are perfect to set on your desk hutch or above the crown molding of your bedroom door at home or at school. Here is a great example:  

DIY Sharpie mug:

Sharpie mugs are super easy to make, as well as cheap. They can make great graduation gifts and even mother or father’s day presents. 

Sell your old wardrobe:

Clean out your closet and take any old clothes to Plato’s Closet to sell. Use the money to buy the spring wardrobe necessities you are lacking!

Go hiking:

Hiking is the perfect spring break activity, grab your dog or some friends and go outside. This will give you the refreshing mental break you deserve.

Try out Pinterest recipes and Tasty videos:

You have been taking study breaks to watch Tasty videos all semester long, why not try some of them? This also gives you the opportunity to catch up with your parents or friends from home while cooking together!

Here is an amazing Nutella truffle recipe from Pinterest:

Be a tourist:

You probably went on field trips to all the tourist attractions in your area in elementary school. Why not rediscover your town with friends? Google your town and find the biggest tourist attractions/landmarks you might have forgotten about. Take pictures in front of the statues and gardens that attract travelers!

Have an Outdoor Movie Night:

Project a movie onto the side of your house and invite friends over to watch. Cuddle up on picnic blankets or set up your Eno and enjoy your favorite movies from a different view.

Have a picnic:

When was the last time you had a picnic? Packing the food is fun and a great opportunity to try out those new recipes and it is a great way to get outside.

Print out your pictures:

You’ve taken a million pictures this year but the pictures on your dorm wall are probably old. Bring a flash drive to CVS or Walmart and finally print off those pics to hang up when you get back!


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