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  1. A Mood Boost

Cycling classes are like a trip to the club except you’re positively moving your body. Working out releases happy endorphins, which help to reduce both anxiety and depression. Stepping into the studio sometimes we don’t feel great, but by the end of the workout, we step out feeling accomplished. We’ve crushed a challenging workout and did something amazing for our bodies. 

2. An Escape

We can all agree that the cycle studio is a vibe. They dim the lights with hype music playing as you step in, all combined to set the mood. The room is an escape in it itself. Not to mention the dope cycle instructors hyping you up the whole time. The studio is a safe space to get a great full-body sweat in.

3. Full-body Workout

Cycling is a very versatile workout. We can incorporate many strength training techniques into these workouts. Most cycling studios provide two to three-pound weights on their bikes to use throughout the class. Along with this cycling helps to improve balance. While riding, we are using our core to stabilize our bodies. This allows for a multipurpose workout. Although our legs feel dead after a ride, we use multiple muscle groups to get through these sessions.

4. Many Health Benefits

Cycling is amazing for our bodies. It’s cardio that helps to improve our upper respiratory system. Cycling also improves our immune system, which can help us fight common colds. When we step on the bike and start moving, our heart rate goes up and our blood pumps, which in return can help with weight loss. The bike has so many incredible benefits. 

Allera Bee

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