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Ten Surprising Health Fixes

So, I know I can’t be the only one suffering from an incredibly scratchy throat, cough, or runny nose, right? I suffer through these nasty cold symptoms for a week straight. For that week I constantly use hand sanitizer, carry extra tissues, drink far too much orange juice, and eat just about every type of soup ABP offers. Because I seem to get colds on a regular basis, I’m well prepared when they arrive. But, what happens when we suffer from other slightly embarrassing health issues when we’re not prepared? Let’s just say the latest issue of Cosmo educated me on way more than just sex.
Cosmo’s “10 Nasty Health Situations and Fixes”
1.      A random sneezing fit strikes and won’t stop: Ever been in a huge lecture hall and either can’t stop sneezing or coughing? To fix the sneezing, Cosmo recommends that you dip the tip of your nose in water for a second or two. This will wash away the irritant, and adding salt can only help. If you’re not near water (or are too embarrassed to randomly stick your nose in a cup of water, hold a wet tissue to your nose or exhale through your nose quickly for five seconds).
2.      When you have to go to the bathroom…but can’t find one: DO NOT panic, it will only perpetuate the feeling. Find that one friend who always has a long story or gossip to distract you. If this fails, revert to the cross-legged method. This relieves pressure on the bladder.
3.      You randomly feel like you’re going to cry: Tilt your head up, and look directly at a bright light. Looking at the bright light will constrict your pupils, making it more difficult for the tears to pour out.  Cosmo also recommends to think about numbers, or math because “Crying comes from the emotional side of your brain; engaging in logical activity overrides that.”
4.      You’ve just embarked on a road trip…and feel sick: Turn up the air conditioning and roll down
the window, fresh air does everyone good, right? Try to ride shotgun if you’re not already. Last, have a bland snack to settle your stomach.
5.      You have to go #2…now: Walk at a speedy pace and clench your butt muscles. If you can’t leave your seat, place one leg under your butt, providing pressure.
6.      You thought you could pop your zit and not leave remnants: Hold something cold, like an ice cube to the affected area in order to reduce the swelling. You can also mash up an aspirin and mix it with moisturizer to reduce the swelling. As far as the redness goes, try some Visine.
7.      Your “Monthly Gift” has arrived…early: We all know when we’re SOL for tampons, revert to toilet paper. But, try to take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever. This will not only relieve cramps, but also slow the flow of blood.
8.      Dry mouth before a big speech: Avoid swallowing or clearing your throat. Once you start talking, the saliva should start flowing normally again. But if that doesn’t work, imagine a saliva-inducing meal.
9.      You have a “feminine itch” in public: Get baby powder ASAP. If you don’t have any, the powder from a makeup compact will do. However, if you happen to be stuck in a chair, pinch the area between your thumb and forefinger. It’s better to distract yourself from the itch than embarrassingly shuffling around in your seat.
10.  Red bumps after shaving your bikini line: Who knew you could use aftershave to relieve these? If that’s unavailable, rub ice or a cold washcloth. The coldness will constrict the blood vessels and relieve redness. You may also use a cool tea bag or oatmeal, since they all have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Megan is a sophomore at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. She is pursuing her B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism as well as a B.A. in Spanish Language. She is also pursuing a minor in Creative Writing. Megan updates her personal blog daily, and had a weekly blog as a Contributing Blogger for Her Campus Virginia Tech during her freshman year. As a dedicated member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Megan serves as the official blogger. Megan's interest in journalism began with her involvement with her high school's newspaper; where she served as an assistant section editor and a section editor her sophomore and junior years. She was the managing editor her senior year. In her free time, Megan enjoys running and competing in races, reading on her Kindle, and taking photos. 
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