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If you’ve been in a relationship before, then odds are, you have at least one ex. One person with whom things didn’t quite work out. We all grow and change, and maybe the person you once saw as your soulmate, you now see as a psycho.

I asked a group of college students, “Tell me about your ex.” and this is what they had to say.

“My ex is completely and totally fake… and attention hungry. There are, however, a few good qualities under all the bad.” – Female, 18

“I hoped to never see him again, but unfortunately, he’s everywhere. I just want to escape it but there are constant reminders of him and who I was when I was with him. I wish he’d just be out of my life forever.” – Female, 20



“CRAZY. She was controlling, possessive, and got extremely jealous. And she would get mad at me when I acted the same way with her; said it wasn’t my business.” – Female, 21

“He really fucked me up. He seemed very nice at first- his family was very nice. So I figured, he must be nice. But over time, I lost all my friends because they wouldn’t make me choose but I knew my friends didn’t like him. So when he and I would fight, I didn’t have anyone to go to. He was manipulative, controlling- I totally lost my confidence- and since him, I haven’t been able to trust a guy.” – Female, 19

“She would flirt with people right in front of me, and then act like I was wrong to be hurt by her actions. I didn’t trust her.” – Female, 21



“In the beginning, everything was going great but over time I began to realize that I was clearly putting in more effort to try to make time in my schedule to compensate for his busy schedule. It took a while to realize it but eventually, I had to end things for my own mental well-being even if I didn’t really want to. I still want to be friends with him but for now, the best thing for me to do is step back and give myself some space before trying to rebuild the friendship we had before.” – Female, 20

“My exes were all very nice! In high school, two guys I dated leaned toward commitment and were both very sweet and smart… both really awkward too.” -Female, 19

“She was someone who was treated badly in the past, and therefore, was cautious and scared of someone like me… And therefore acted crazy. She wouldn’t want me hanging out with certain people and even made me stop being friends with people she didn’t like. Once we broke up, she became obsessed with whoever I was dating. She would ask me for their full names to look them up on Instagram, and then proceed to tell me they weren’t pretty enough.” – Female, 19

Break ups suck. There’s no denying it. After a break up, however, it’s easier for individuals to see how poorly they were treated during a relationship.  Past relationships allow us to realize what we deserve, what we want, and what we ourselves need to change.



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