Team Collab: The Women Who Inspire Us and Why

In of honor Women’s History Month, a handful of our team members provided responses to the following questions, “Who is the woman who inspires you the most, and why?”

See where each of our team finds her uniquely feminine dose of inspiration, and comment your own responses below! May the rest of your March be filled with female power anthems and the recognition of some of the most important female figures in your life, (phoning mom or grandma to express appreciation has never made more sense…) Who run the world? – girls!

Q: Who is the woman who inspires you the most? Why?

A: “My mother.”

“My mother has overcome so much adversity in her family when she went against their wishes and married a black man. In turn, she made her large Indian family more tolerant of other races (and a couple of beautiful mixed babies). She also balances a family and demanding career very gracefully. She was the primary breadwinner but was also home as much as she could be to raise my brother and me. She is the most beautiful and loving woman in my life. She gives the best and most realistic advice and she loves me unconditionally. I can only hope to be half the woman she is one day.”

-Sara Rose Joy-Hogg, Writer.

A: “My grandmother.”

“She is so admirable because of her fun personality and cute personal style. She cares a lot about family and is constantly kind and giving. She's also very active and stays up to date with current trends. I really hope to be more like her because of how much she gives to others.”

-Kaitlyn Horinko, Social Media Account Executive for Instagram.

A: “As cliche as it sounds: my mom!”

“My mom is the woman who inspires me the most because she came to America with no parents, no money, and no idea where to restart her life. She is the absolute strongest and most independent woman I know. She has given me and my two other siblings the best life so far and I will never take that for granted. She's taught me so many life lessons without saying a word. Learning about her humble beginning to watching her live her successful life has wanted me to be just like her. She's given me the confidence and intelligence to fulfill a life of meaning and give back to the community and world every chance I get. I can't wait for my children to know what an amazing woman their grandmother is. :)”

- Ashley Pak, Social Media Account Executive for Facebook.

A: “My mom, Brenda.”

“My mom is the strongest, most hard-working woman I know. She is the greatest example of what ambition and perseverance can do for your life. Not only has she taught me how to stand up for myself, but she's also taught me how to walk away. I truly appreciate everything she does for my family; I hope she knows that!”

-Bailey Black, Recruitment Chair and Writer.

A: “Ellen DeGeneres.”

“Ellen acts personable yet professional at the same time. She's accepting of people with different backgrounds, open minded, and also donates a lot to those in need. She also won the Favorite Humanitarian award for all of her efforts.”

-Estefania Giordani, Outreach Director and Writer.

A: “My sister is the woman who inspires me the most.”

“She strives for nothing but self-improvement and the work of impacting others. My sister lives each aspect of her life through Jesus Christ, and I believe that's something that is incredibly admirable. She makes me want to be a better person every day, and I hope that one day I can accomplish half of the things that she has.”

-Bryli Long, Vice President.

A: Anna Wintour

“Anna Wintour is the ultimate success story and iconic authority in the fashion world. She got her start at age 15 and has since launched American Vogue to the ubiquitous status it has today. As editor-in-chief, she revolutionized magazine covers by being the first to put a celebrity on a cover, which vastly changed advertising possibilities. Sporting her signature blunt bob and oversized, tinted sunglasses – she’s always seated front row at any fashion show. Her iciness only adds to her appeal because you’ve got to be tough and decisive to make it in the fashion industry. Luckily, Anna Wintour practically owns it.”

-Kaley Roshitsh, President and Editor-in-chief.

A: “Emma Watson.”

“She is young and still so successful with her career and education. I love that she's so involved in social issues and speaks her mind. She's a beautiful, confident woman with style and poise.”

- Olivia Dirscherl, Social media Account Handler and Editor.