Team Collab: Why Virginia Tech?

Ask any Hokie why they chose Virginia Tech, and all will nearly burst at the seams with a swell of Hokie Pride, speaking passionately about why Virginia Tech is — and always will be — the right choice. Maybe it's the delicious food which casted Virginia Tech as the top spot in your heart, the unique traditions or the sense of community. Maybe it is the picturesque campus that caught your fancy. Whatever it is, remember: Hokie pride is forever... So, we asked a few members of our team: Why Virginia Tech?
"You won't find better spirit anywhere else. The Hokie spirit goes beyond simply cheering at football games in the fall — it's an attitude that students, alumni, faculty and staff exhibit everyday. Hokie Nation is a global network of people who love service, knowledge and Virginia Tech."
-Megan Maury Church, Writer and Editor.
"Why Virginia Tech? Because during my college search, I wanted to go to a big school. I wanted that because I wanted to be exposed to so much diversity and to meet different men and women of different backgrounds. I also loved the school spirit when I visited campus and everyone was decked out in maroon and orange, being so friendly to those around them. I love that there are so many organizations and clubs on campus because there is definitely something for everyone to take part in and get involved with. Plus, we have the number one dining in the country, and who doesn't love good food? And if you like hiking and the great outdoors, we have so many awesome hikes in the local area. There are so many reasons that explain why I chose Virginia Tech, and I'm so fortunate to be able to call myself a Hokie!"
-Estefania Giordani, Writer and Outreach Director.
"I chose Virginia Tech because it's incredibly unique. It's a big school with a lot to offer, but it has a community feel. I've found it easy to get involved and find my place because the people here are so warm and inclusive. Hokies love their school, and that's been evident since the day I first visited.
-Bailey Black, Recruitment Chair and Writer.
"The sense of spirit and love of service. I chose this school because it had such a good vibe; everyone really wants to be here. Everyone is involved in some way and it's really fun to be part of such a diverse community! Also, the scenery and Blacksburg in general are beautiful."
-Kaitlyn Horinko, Social Media Account Executive for Instagram.
"•It's home---seriously.
•The Hokie community in and outside of Blacksburg is unparalleled. 
•Virginia Tech on an upward trend, meaning your degree's value will only increase.
•The food is AMAZING
•There's always a million opportunities that you can take advantage of to try new things, make me friends, have adventures, and/or make a difference in your community."
-Allie Rathert, Writer. 
"Virginia Tech boasts of its community, and for good reason. This sense of community enables a diverse array of interests and separate personalities to come together as one. There is ample opportunity to get involved and to make your college experience unforgettable and unique for you. There isn't a better selection of faculty, services, scenery or sense of community than at Virginia Tech." 
-Kaley Roshitsh, President and Editor-in-chief. 
We encourage anyone considering Virginia Tech to visit our campus because you may soon call it home. (Undoubtedly, we are glad we do!) Comment why Virginia Tech is right for you below.