Team Collab: One Thing to do in Blacksburg Before Summer Break

If you're leaving Blacksburg for the summer, you'll want to soak up the last bits of the Burg before departure. Likewise, if you're staying here all summer, then you'll need ideas of what to do in your free time. Well, our team came up with suggestions for the one thing to do in Blacksburg before summer break. To make the most of Blacksburg, read more below! 
"Go see the musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, at the Moss Arts Center." 
-Catie-Reagan Palmore, Photographer
"Soak up the sun! Vitamin D, supplied by sunlight, can do a lot improve your mood and health. Before you know it we'll be plunged back into Blacksburg Winter, so enjoy the warmth while it lasts!"
-Maury Church, Writer and Editor
"Cross of #17 from the Hokie Bucket List and enjoy a picnic at the Duck Pond! It's a perfect date or peaceful time, especially now with the warmer weather. I recently did this with my boyfriend and it was so pretty and relaxing! Make sure to enjoy the beauty of our campus over a fresh lunch before summer break! It's also a nice thing to do if you're trying to find a way to unwind from studying for final exams."
- Estefania Giordani, Writer and Outreach Director
"Eat outside. As simple as that sounds, it's enjoyable to have a meal outside when the weather changes and gets nicer. The warm air and sunshine really make a difference. It's something you don't always take advantage of, so grab some friends and get together before the semester ends!"
-Kaitlyn Horinko, Account Executive for Instagram
-Amanda Locke Event Coordinator
"Go on a hike to one of the amazing Mountains that surround Virginia techs campus. And if you're feeling extra ambitious make it a sunrise hike!"
-KyleAnn Lilli, Sorority liaison
"Virginia Safari Park - (basically a drive through zoo an hour and 15 mins away)" 
-Dilara, Treasurer
"Go to the Hahn Horticulture Garden! It's a really peaceful place, and the plants and and ponds are really pretty. It makes for a good picnic spot!"
-Bailey Black, Writer & Recruitment Chair
"Grab your friends and go on a mini adventure! Most of us are not from the area, so with that being said, there's still so much to explore. With a little bit of research, you can find hidden gems all over the Blacksburg area. One of my favorites would have to be Heritage Park. I suggest packing a little picnic snack and watching the sun disappear behind the breathtaking mountains that surround us. You won't regret it!"
-Bryli Long, Vice President and Social Media Director
"Go tubing on the New River!"
-Rhana ,Writer
What has this inspired you do to in Blacksburg? Comment below.