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Spring Break: The Big Payback

We all know how much of a hassle it can be being a full time student who is invested in not only academics, but also pursuing community involvement, careers/internships, and working all while maintaining your sanity! On average three out of every four students report having high levels of stress and anxiety while in college, and the question we find ourselves asking is how do we balance this? Many college students have come to the realization that there will be some stress while on the road to higher achievements, but a vast majority are not aware on how to practice rewarding themselves for all that is being accomplished!

Working tedious hours, actively volunteering in organizations, all while racking brains with loads of information takes a toll out on students. It is imperative that students properly understand the act of paying themselves back with leisure and fun filled experiences because, “Work hard? Play harder!”. Students have set times for self and one of those being the highly anticipated Spring Break. Spring Break is an opportunity for relaxation, time well spent with friends and loved ones as well as experiences!

So how does one go about using Spring Break as a method for “Paying themselves back?" First things first: budget! We all know the concept of being a broke college student, but in reality what student wants that? Although frivolous spending on experiences may be feasible for some, this will not work for all. Constructing a productive budget that allows one to keep a decent amount of money at their disposal is very important. Taking some time think of an “experience allowance” that feels most comfortable for self is the best method of preparation. Next, after constructing a set budget talk amongst friends and family to see if there is a group who would like to curate experiences for Spring Break alongside you! Not only does grouping up with friends and family aid in creating memorable experiences, but, it also alleviates some of the stress of finances and preperation!                                                                                                                             

After constructing a healthy budget and finding the right people to help enhance your Spring Break experience, come up with locations that not only best suit the set budget, but, a few that the whole party will enjoy! Trendy college location ideas for Spring Breakers could consist of places such as; Miami, Myrtle Beach, The Outer Banks, New York City, Houston, and New Orleans. In addition, if one’s budget allows, options like Cancun or the Dominican Republic would be fantastic too! After narrowing down the list of  potential locations be sure to source out travel sites to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Sites such as Groupon.com, Kayak.com and Travelocity.com offer great package deals that will help make planning a trip much easier for the entire party and at affordable rates!

With careful review and discussion, you and your travel buddies should be ready to begin making reservations! Upon finalizing all reservations and travel requirements (car rentals, flight costs etc.), the next step for paying yourself back during Spring Break is to start developing an itenary. Travelling is no fun when time is not maximized, especially considering the variety of things that group members would like do to gain the most out of their own “personal” experiences. Whether you are traveling alone or with a party, developing a sound motion plan (but be sure to leave a little wiggle room because hiccups happen - we’re young!) will allow everyone to make the most out of their break. If you find yourself having picked a new location or even a previously visited one and aren’t quite exactly sure what you want to do - research! Checking out sites like eventbrite.com or simply searching engines such as Google, “What is there to do in …….?” plenty of options will arise! And if you find yourself truly unsure after research, trips to museums, going on hikes, spending time on beaches, checking out bars and restaurants are always great things to do. But the great part about a planned itinerary is that mostly everything thought of to do, CAN be done with proper preparation!

Most importantly, when the budget, location, itinerary and travel party is set in stone the next thing to do is, GO SEEKING OUT FUN! Apart of “Paying Yourself Back” is making sure that you are open to having a good time and truly making the most of your experience. Anticipate, be excited, clear out storage on your phone for all the amazing photos you will get and hope for the best knowing that you are prepared. As college students we consistently prepare ourselves for things that tire us, so do the same exact thing for a trip that will revive you. Go into your trip knowing that you have planned in the most efficient manner possible and simply reward yourself.

Now, turn in those crazy hard exams and assignments with a smile knowing that you are ready to gift yourself with the big payback Spring Break style.



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