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So, Downtown Got the Best of You: How to Look Fab When You’re Hungover

Picture this: you went out last night. You did TOTS Tuesday and performed a little too loudly during karaoke. Or you went to Sharkey’s happy hour because $3 Long Islands are hard to turn down. Now, it’s the next morning and you’re awoken by a horrible sound — your alarm. It’s time to get up for class. You’ve already used up all of your good excuses to miss class earlier in the semester, so you have to go today. But your head is pounding, the room is spinning, your liver is in despair, and you look like a hot mess. You can’t show up to class looking hungover again. Here are some ways to look put-together when you just want to spend the day with your head in the toilet.

1st.  Pound Gatorade and pop Aspirin.

If “downtown-ing” is a common thing for you, you should already have these supplies next to your bed. The Gatorade will re-hydrate you, and the Aspirin will start to work on that headache.

2nd.  Shower!

Wash off the beer that really drunk girl spilled on you last night. Rub off all the makeup you didn’t remove the night before. Wash off all traces of bad decisions and regret. While you’re at it, brush your teeth too.

3rd. Wear something cute and comfy.

Sweats are usually the go-to outfit, but a shift or maxi dress are equally as comfortable and super easy to wear when you’re not feeling great. You’ll look cute while putting forth minimum effort. If you’re not into dresses: try leggings, a plain T and a cardigan.

4th. Wear a ponytail or bun.

Pulling your hair back will give you a cleaner look and create the illusion you’re actually put-together. If you have short hair, opt for a cute hat.

5th. Wear minimal makeup

Your hands probably aren’t steady enough to contour or to attempt winged liner. Instead, opt for some bb cream, mascara and tinted lip balm. The bb cream will bring some life back to your face, the mascara will create a more opened and awake eye, and the balm will return the much-needed moisture to your lips that was drained by alcohol, while adding a little color.

Now you look beautiful, and you can pretend like you didn’t get a little too drunk last night. Always remember: fake it til’ you make it!

Sara is a Junior at VT studying Multimedia Journalism and Africana Studies. Way to her heart: Taco Bell, makeup, shopping. In that order.
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