Self Evaluation

It is so easy for us to tell others that we have changed since X number of years. Yet, there are few times in our life where we really reflect on how we have grown and developed as individuals. This past week I have taken some time to reflect on who I have become as a person since entering college, and would like to share some tips on how to do so.


  1. Reminisce on who you were five years ago


One thing people forget is the person they thought they would be. We all have an expectation of how we will turn out in the future, but we never take time to think about our past when the future becomes the present. When you feel like you are not doing enough or making any progress, take time to think about where you were five years ago, and all the experiences you did not have back then. It may come to shock you that you have accomplished more than you thought you did. 


2. Write about yourself


If writing is a strong suit of yours, write about yourself. I am not talking about your hobbies or achievements; I am talking about you as a person. Describe your qualities and your identity now and compare it to the qualities of the past. Who you are as a person is not defined by what you achieve but by the growth and development of your character.

3. Consider the people around you


In most cases, the company we have around us reflects the kind of individual we are. And if the company around us goes from bad to good, and we recognize it, it is a form of self -evaluation. Consider the type of friends you would have made in the past and whether or not those people would be considered friends now or if they are even in your life. If the quality of those around you has increased significantly, then you are clearly doing something right with your identity.

Overall, self-evaluation is a very crucial part in our own growth and development. There are many more outlets than the ones I have listed to see the change within ourselves, and those are for you to discover.  1 / 2 / 3 / 4