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Rejecting 2021 Like It’s a Man — A Reflection

I like to think that I was just gaslighting myself into thinking it was 2021 last year. Like no, babe, 2021 never happened. We’re still in 2020. You’re just making up things to be the center of attention again — ugh.

I’m just joking, of course. Mostly. 

What I mean is that for me, 2021 was all about reflection. Reflection on love, life, family, school and so forth. If I got a quarter for every time I lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling, I’d probably be able to fully pay off my tuition next semester.

Keep in mind that college is not cheap at all. I pay nearly an arm and a leg just to go to class at 8 a.m. in the freezing cold across a frozen tundra I like to call the Drillfield. Not fun. My fingers get so cold that I almost think that if they fell off. I wouldn’t be able to feel it.

I decided to stay back home for the spring semester of 2021, meaning I spent the majority of my time working and thinking — a lot of thinking. 

2021 felt like it was straight out of a dystopian movie, and all of the news and turmoil in the U.S. had me in a chokehold. To be honest, I was scared. I’m still scared, but I can’t change what’s out of my control. So, I’ll work on a more personal level. 

I reflected on the things I could change — why some of my friendships fell out, why I have a variety of hobbies but can’t seem to stick to them, why I fell out of love for playing piano and even why I say I can’t stand romance novels — yet I proceed to read them at 3 a.m. and squeal when one person saves the other from falling. 

Yeah, no shame. I don’t care.

Now, I’m definitely not saying that I’m going to pretend like 2021 didn’t happen because that’s simply not possible. Rather, I’m saying that it did happen, but time keeps moving forward. “Learning from the past helps change the future,” as nearly all of my history teachers would say. 

As my title suggests, I’m going to reject 2021 like it’s a man. Respectfully. 

I’m going to learn from last year’s mistakes — see what went wrong and use this to my advantage. 

This year I’m making a vow. It’s going to be something stronger than just a “New Year’s Resolution” — something that if I don’t succeed, it will revert me back to feeling like how I did in 2021. 

And I don’t have time to reflect for an entire year straight.

I’m making a vow to stick to my hobbies, no matter how nerdy they are. I’m going to fall in love with myself and become even more self-obsessed than I already was last year. I’m going to start loving things that I used to, even when I get into a creative slump and burn out. Because really, I haven’t changed from the person I was when I loved it. I’m going to meet different people and actively make plans with them, but I will stay in when I want to stay in. I’m making a vow to try new things, even if they make me a little uncomfortable. 

I will make 2022 my year to put forth action and get amazing results. I will be “that girl.”

Reece Miller

Virginia Tech '24

Reece is a junior majoring in Psychology and Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Music Technology. She loves spending time with friends, shopping/fashion and going out, but if you can't find her, they're probably sleeping or curling up with a cheesy romcom or horror movie!
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