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Quieting the Un-quietable

It’s pretty safe to say that almost every one has been a victim of a “loud-talker.” Whether it’s walking to class, eating in a dining hall, studying in the math empo or library, I’m pretty sure we have all encountered that one person or group who just really needs to turn the volume down. Unfortunately, no one likes to be a ‘Susie Shusher’ and it can be very difficult to muster up the courage to rightfully express your frustration. But following these simple tips you can make things right in a polite, mature, and easy manner.
1.)   Be brave: remember you are right. Unfortunately, in the moment, so many people struggle to find the courage to speak up. But remember, you are justified in your position! No one has an excuse to be rude or inconsiderate of others.
2.)   Be polite: filter what you say. You never want to become the antagonist of the situation. Also, for the person you’re confronting-it will make it difficult for them to react negatively to you. It’s the golden rule; treat others the way you’d like to be treated. And hey, everyone gets caught up in the moment but there is no excuse to be rude. We live in a dignified society, don’t become a hypocrite.
3.)   Keep calm: the worst thing you can do in a situation is let yourself get heated. Yes, a person gabbing about their boy problems on the phone in the quiet section of the library is bound to get your blood boiling, but you must ALWAYS keep your cool.  A high emotional situation is counterproductive to both parties. This way, you always remain the calm & collected one, never letting yourself stoop to their level of rude.
4.)   Carry on: Don’t let yourself get caught up in a drawn out argument. Stand your ground but know
when to let it go. If the obnoxious person refuses to be compassionate then walk away. It’s not a matter of winning or losing; it’s a matter keeping things dignified. You can also approach a library or empo staff member and explain the situation. If the other party continues to be belligerent than be the bigger person and move on.
Follow these golden rules and you’ll be good to go. You don’t want to look back on a situation and regret not speaking up.  I’ve had so many instances when I’ve been justified and chose to say nothing. Remember, everyone has a right to express him or herself.

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