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“Quarter” Life Crisis: Tears, Beers, and Careers?

I’d like to say that I have a good head on my shoulders, but who am I kidding? I barely know whether to hit cold or warm wash when I’m doing my laundry. How the hell am I supposed to survive senior year, the questionable job hunt, the toss-up of grad school, and keeping my love life sane stable? I have serious heartburn when I ponder my life in 5-years yet in 8 months. I swear if one more person asks me, “What’s your plan after graduation?” I’m going to scream. I’m honestly more concerned with which bar has the better happy hour deals rather than the tiny studio apartment I’ll be (hopefully) residing in in NYC. Let’s just say I’m in denial that this is my final year as an undergraduate at the finest school in the nation (I’m biased, obviously for good reasons).

 As a senior, I’ve grown more nostalgic as I’m walking across the Drillfield to my 3:30 class or watching the sunset at the Pylons. It’s truly the little things that I’ll miss the most. My goal for this year is to take in every memory, every building, and pretty much every inch of this campus and appreciate what makes us all Hokies. As a senior, I’ve made a bucket list that I’ve continued to add and scratch things off that I’ve completed. It’s the memorable moments like jumping during “Enter Sandman”, gazing at the stars on the Drillfield, singing your drunken heart out at TOTs karaoke on Tuesdays that will forever be etched in our minds.

Whatever your bucket list might consist of, it’ll be the memories you’ll have when scratching off each bullet. As I drank a rail last TOTs Tuesday, I became an emotional mess. Tears streamed down my face, when my friends who have really defined my 4 years as a Hokie surrounded me. They were the ones who held my hair as I was throwing up in Sharkeys, the ones who stayed up late eating ice cream and talking about a failed test, the ones who kept my head on straight during this crazy ride of college. I truly owe my life (and maybe my dignity) to each of you.

So cheers to this year, and one hell of a ride. Hokies, I raise my glass to each and every one of you.

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