Prepping for the Diet Coke College Tour

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Mark your calendars: April 25th & 26th because The Diet Coke College Tour is coming to Virginia Tech this week! Spring has officially sprung, and Diet Coke is leading the way with SIX newly released flavors in 2019, perfect for Hokies as we transition into the end of the semester!



To prepare myself for the campus tour, I drank nothing but Diet Coke’s new flavors for a day!


Because mornings hit the hardest!

We’ve all been there- rolling out of bed, snoozing the alarm for the millionth time, and giving yourself “just five more minutes” of sleep. To avoid the morning lag, I snagged Twisted Mango before sprinting to the bus. My first flavor of the day, and it set the morning right! This was a little sweeter than what I expected, which resulted in a perfect wake up call while riding to campus!  


Because busy days are the most productive, but also the most draining!

After two classes full of new content, I’m mentally exhausted. Blueberry Acai is by far my favorite flavor; it’s refreshing without being overpowering. This was a perfect midday pick me up while planning out my week!


Because a cancelled class means a mini photoshoot!

Fun fact- I was one of five people that forgot class had been canceled for the week. To celebrate my new found information, I cracked open Zesty Blood Orange. This was the strongest flavor I tried, with a very zesty aftertaste, but it definitely kept me going throughout the day!


Because a quick trip home means snagging another Diet Coke!

After class, I catch the bus back to my apartment to unwind before my bi-weekly meeting and homework. Feisty Cherry has a slight kick, so the shoe undeniably fits! This was exactly what I needed to amp me up before telling my chapter all about our new partnership with Diet Coke!


Because running a meeting requires a little boost!

Strawberry Guava was by far the sweetest, resembling the flavor of a lollipop. This is absolutely a must-have for the spring, right after Blacksburg rises above 45 degrees!


Because every article needs some ginger and lime, and everything fine!

Ginger Lime has the most shocking taste; I don’t think I could have ever imagined this combination, but I’m glad Diet Coke did! The flavor was so crisp, and left my taste buds wanting more!


Because one flavor just isn’t enough!



The Diet Coke College Tour is THE event of the school year! Grab some friends, snag some fresh flavors, and catch me stocking up on some extra Blueberry Acai!


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