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As soon as the fall favorites are back at Starbucks and I have my first sip of a pumpkin cream chai latte, my body begins to crave all things fall. For me, this means having my daily dose of artificial pumpkin coffee and turning on one of my five favorite shows. There is a quality in each of these shows (and movies) that screams autumn. They all provide the same comfort as a nice vanilla scented candle and a warm blanket.

Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Warner Bros. Television
  1. “Gilmore Girls”

Plot summary: The show follows mother and daughter, living in a storybook town in Connecticut: Lorelei and Rory Gilmore. Over the course of seven seasons, you watch their relationship blossom as Rory grows up. It is a true coming-of-age dramedy full of colorful characters.

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

I was a little late to the “Gilmore Girls” train. My mom never wanted to watch it, and for a long time I only wanted to watch the shows she was interested in. I think the first time I came across it was freshman year of college. I was bored in my dorm, scrolling through Netflix and stumbled upon “Gilmore Girls.” I threw on an episode, thinking it was gonna end up being something I watched but never paid attention to, but within a few minutes I was hooked. There’s an essence to the show that is hard to put into words, something about it says “You’re going to want to watch me every October.” The show has something for everyone, it’s not just your everyday sitcom. There are elements of comedy, drama, and romance. Each episode brings something to the table that the last didn’t.

2. “Friends”

Plot summary: The show follows around 6 friends in their 20s living in NYC. It is a sitcom that explores the personal and professional lives of each friend.

IMDb rating: 8.9/10

My second fall rewatch is the favorite of many, including me. “Friends” is the icing on a pumpkin flavored cinnamon roll. There are so many good holiday episodes in this show that it can’t be passed up. Something about watching the “Friends” cast have Thanksgiving together puts me in the perfect autumn mood. There is nothing better than curling up with a cup of herbal tea and watching an episode of “Friends.” It makes me want to dress up in a pair of big sweats and run around playing tag football with all of my closest friends. “Friends” plus fall equals my lobster.

Harry Potter World Hogwarts
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

3. “Harry Potter”

Plot summary: The film adaptations of J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter series. The movies take viewers on a journey into the magical world of Hogwarts to follow along as Harry Potter and his friends grow up. As they grow, the trio is threatened by the dark side of magic where they are forced to fight for the good of their peers.

IMDb rating: 7.6+/10

Though my boyfriend will say the “Harry Potter” series is best to be saved for winter, I think it is the perfect addition to this list. I usually wait until November to binge watch the movies, but I feel strongly that the “Harry Potter” series is best watched before Thanksgiving. Hogwarts feels like it belongs in a realm that experiences fall every day of the year, sure that’s probably because like most school years, the students arrive at Hogwarts during the fall. But hey, even more reason it should be on the fall rewatch list. Grab some popcorn, spooky Pillsbury cookies, a blanket, and settle in for the ride of your life (I don’t recommend watching them all in one day).

4. “How I Met Your Mother”

Plot summary: A father, Ted Mosby, tells his children the story of how he met their mother. Over the course of 9 seasons, the show tells the story of Ted and his friends through flashbacks, with all events leading up to how he eventually met the children’s mother.

IMDb rating: 8.3/10

I remember first catching glimpses of “How I Met Your Mother” when my parents would watch it together. It aired during the early years of my childhood, and as you can imagine, it was one of the shows I was not allowed to watch. It was so exhilarating sneaking down the stairs to watch a few minutes of a grown-up-only show. So, when I was finally old enough to watch the show, I was met by a feeling of nostalgia. I can’t explain it, but fall and nostalgia feel the same to me; which means, every fall, I find myself watching the series again. There is just the right amount of sweet and salty in this show, meaning there’s enough comedy to balance out the more serious elements. If you love “Friends” you’re gonna love “How I Met Your Mother.” They are two sides of the same coin.

5. “When Harry Met Sally”

Plot summary: Following their college graduation, Harry catches a ride with his girlfriend’s friend Sally. They are both moving to NYC to start their lives; after running into each other over a period of several years, the two become friends. It is your classic frenemies to lovers.

IMDb rating: 7.7/10

The best way to end this list is with the best rom-com of all time. No autumn is complete without at least one rewatch of “When Harry Met Sally.” No matter how many times I watch it, I still cry. It is one of the sweetest movies I have ever seen. If you’re not into super mushy love stories, maybe skip this one, but I highly recommend you give it a chance. The story takes place over a period of several years, but there are many fall esque scenes that Pavlov viewers into rewatching it every fall (trust me, it happens). It is the perfect movie to watch on one of those rainy fall days where going outside isn’t an option.

Well, there you have it, my shortlist of fall rewatches. I hope you check some of them out this fall, if they aren’t already on your fall rewatch list as well. Just make sure you have water and snacks, because I promise you won’t want to leave your couch.

Leah Copeland

Virginia Tech '24

Leah is a senior at Virginia Tech. She is studying Political Science and English with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.