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            Since my birthday is the day before Halloween, it has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. I have always taken costumes very seriously. When I was little, my mom used to put a ban on talking about Halloween costumes for most of the year because I was so obsessed. Because of this, I have definitely had some pretty awesome dress-ups over the years. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  1. Zombie
    1. While a zombie seems stereotypical, this costume was anything but. I grew up in the same town as one of the most haunted abandoned asylums in America that puts on a pretty serious haunt every year. One year, I had my make up done by the makeup artists from the haunt. I had fake blood, scars, and even a gash on my cheek. It was pretty gnarly.
  2. Harry Potter
    1. I was definitely breaking gender norms before it was cool because I did not want to be Hermione. I was Harry potter. I had everything from the Gryffindor drip to Hogwarts robes to broken glasses and a scar. The best part of this costume was by far the Elder Wand I carried around that was from Harry Potter World at Universal. I was casting spells all night.
  3. Lab Rat
    1. This was one of more punny costumes. My senior year of high school, I hosted a social-distancing trick or treat for the kids in my town. My booth was the lab of a mad scientist. I decided I would be a failed experiment. I wore all grey, did mouse makeup, and had ears and a tail. But, to make it better, I wore a ripped lab coat and made it look like I had been used for experiments. It was a last-minute costume that actually turned out pretty cool.
  4. Thing One and Thing Two
    1. My first college Hallo-weekend was epic. I think my favorite costume had been with a friend whose name was also Ally T. We had red body suits, blue skirts, socks, and decals. We looked adorable.
  5. Black Angel
    1. This is another stereotypical costume for college girls, but it works. I usually do black angel just to make it a little more unique. There’s so many looks you can do with this by wearing all black and having a halo headband. I have worn it with black mini dresses, skirts and shirts, and even just an oversized t-shirt and shorts. It’s comfortable and reliable, a great last-minute costume.

Something about being able to dress up and be someone else for a night has always been exciting and fun for me. As I’ve grown up, my costumes have become more intricate and complex.  I have some honorable mentions of doing group costumes of DC Villains, Blues Clues and Steve, and Thing One and Thing Two. I have even more lined up for this year.

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