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My Current Favorite Things From The Winter Blacksburg Farmers Market

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While it isn’t exactly the most picture-perfect time for the classic Saturday market, the Blacksburg Farmers Market is still chugging along in these colder months. My weekly trudge past the dreaded Architecture Annex into town is one of the highlights of my week, even when I have to layer on the coats to still have feeling in my hands and toes when I get there. While there aren’t quite as many vendors in the cold season, there are still plenty of treasures to get me out of my cozy bed before noon, here they are in no particular order.

The Alpaca Wool Gloves

Speaking of feeling your fingers and toes, my pair of gloves from Poplar Hill Alpacas & Studio has quickly become a favorite. Everything at their stall is hand-made with alpaca wool from the 65+ animals they raise on their farm. Their glove selection is warm, aesthetically pleasing, and very soft. They are also a great option for me because I am allergic to sheep wool. There is no itchiness to be found here. In my experience, I can even use my phone while wearing them. They make me feel like a Victorian street urchin in the best way possible, the vibes are immaculate.

The Carbonara

This is perhaps one of the most infamous items from the market. Not Your Mama’s Pasta sells a lot of seasonally relevant pasta throughout the year, such as the adorable heart-shaped ravioli for this past Valentine’s Day, but the carbonara is a longstanding constant for a reason. Priced at less than you would pay at a restaurant, you are given a heaping portion of bacon-filled, creamy goodness. My friends and I lovingly refer to it as “artery cement.” It is a comfort after a long Friday night out. You also get to watch them make the noodles right there at the booth, questioning your own arm strength as the crank is turned.

Shun Matsuhashi / Spoon
The Lavender Room Spray

I am always intrigued by the variety of lotions and potions at the Mystic River Lavender booth. I first purchased a dried lavender bouquet from them in the fall when a friend was in town visiting, I wanted to give her something that would survive the long trip home. Now that lavender is far out of season, it is time for their packaged products to shine. No matter what dorm you live in or how frequently you clean, the rooms seem to have the propensity to get stale and musty almost instantly. The lavender room spray adds a fresh clean smell to the air, your laundry, or your sheets before bed. It’s inexpensive and I am now a repeat buyer. It’s nice to know where the stuff I’m breathing in on a daily basis came from.

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The Elderberry-Rose Kombucha 

Tucked away near Benny’s pizza, it is easy to almost miss Tea Beast Kombucha. They have an assorted variety of kombucha flavors. From juice to vinegar, there’s a flavor for anyone’s preference. I like the elderberry and rose one the best, partially because the elderberry makes me feel like I’m contributing to my health, and having a fun little drink. You can grab a single cup or a whole growler. Plus, most weeks they have a shot of calming CBD oil you can add to your drinks for an extra fee. As a chronic coffee drinker, I like when my treat beverages include a bit of relaxation instead of potentially adding to my midterm nerves.

This list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just what I am enjoying this semester. I look forward to when I’m able to write another article about my changing seasonal faves. You can go to the Blacksburg Farmers Market website for a complete list of vendors, and to find more information about the places and products mentioned here. 

Marina Yingling

Virginia Tech '25

Current sophomore creative writing and sociology major at VT