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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

The end of August brings such a bittersweet feeling to students. For many of us Virginia Tech students, we move away from home and back to an environment that is unique and only ours. I spent my entire summer here in Blacksburg and as much as I loved the seeing the quiet towns people emerge, Fall is quickly approaching and bringing thousands of students home. 

I knew it was beginning to feel like Fall when I saw the lines outside of Top of the Stairs and Champs Bar. My quiet summer has come to a close. Instead of mourning the easy Main Street traffic, the short lines at Starbucks, and The Hub pool days, I am beyond excited for what this semester has to hold. 

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  • The best part of moving in to me, is the decorating. Luckily my best friends have all moved in and I have had so much fun watching all of our styles emerge in our home. I love getting all the furniture put together and designing the best layout for the living areas. Every morning my phone is blowing up with TikTok DIYs and decoration ideas. (If you haven’t heard about creating your own posters through Fedex, check it out!)
  • Library with friends
  • I haven’t stepped foot in the library since before finals last year, but there’s something about fighting to finish an assignment in the library that I missed this summer. I may be romanticizing a highly stressful situation, however I am so excited to be in the library stressing and struggling with my best friends next to me. 
  • football games
  • And of course what is Virginia Tech without football? We are playing our first football game on September 2nd. Though it’s away, don’t think for a moment that’ll damper the school spirit. What I love about away games is even if you are unavailable to go to attend, theres always a watch party. Watch parties are one of my favorite types of parties. Everyone gathered around screaming at the television hoping and praying for a winning outcome. 
  • halloween
  • Halloween is also quickly approaching and I have a feeling costumes this year are going to be very creative. On top of amazing costumes and decoration, this will be my first Virginia Tech Halloween. It also happens to be right after my 21st birthday this year, meaning Champs here I come!
  • clubs
  • The start of classes also means the start of clubs. I am coming back to HerCampus here at Virginia Tech and I could not be happier. It is so important to have a group of people who share similar interests with you as you start the school year. GobblerConnect is a great place to see all the different clubs here at Virginia Tech. Clubs are perfect for exploring your interests and finding something to care about on campus. 
  • Many of us dread the stresses and duties of classes but as classes start, remind yourself of the good moments and hold on to the positive things happening around you. There is so much offered to you here at Virginia Tech. Don’t be afraid to get out and maybe even try something new. 

    Caroline Reed

    Virginia Tech '24

    Caroline is a senior majoring in Multimedia Journalism and minoring in Creative Writing at Virginia Tech. Caroline has been apart of HerCampus for four years and loves being around such a fun group of girls! She loves writing short fiction, poetry, and news articles. She enjoys watching old movies and listening to Taylor Swift.