A Mask for All Seasons

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the biggest fashion game-changers since the invention of Crocs. As the entire globe adjusts to the pandemic, the United States has experienced some serious growing pains. Mask mandates have been fought at every turn, being called "ridiculous" and "threats to freedom". But what if we changed the conversation? What if we, like unwitting fashion victims everywhere, tried to make the best of our generation’s Crocs?  


Masks are the perfect fashion project for beginners. They are as simple, small, and forgiving as they are mandatory. Cloth masks are especially popular this season because of their environmental benefits. However, mandated fashion doesn't mean conformity. Use some of these dashingly desperate measures to stand out from the crowd during these trying times. The most common DIY mask is the "shirt over the face". Its prevalence in impromptu Kroger runs proves that this look can go from "I forgot my mask" to "I'm good" in record time. Just avoid trying it with crop tops on your next trip out. 

You Are What You Mask

Want to keep your shirt on your stomach? Then consider a mask as the perfect accessory. A sorority or fraternity mask can show where your allegiance lies. A floral mask adds a feminine, dainty touch to your style. A funny mask can showcase a side best left hidden, your sense of humor. If you want it, Etsy has it. I’ve seen “sarcasm loading” and more fake-beard masks than I can count. A black mask paired with camo, a flask, and a thousand-yard stare shows that you're a cadet. A perfectly paired face mask with your outfit can showcase your passion for Covid-19 fashion. 

America Needs You!

Use this opportunity to don your orange and maroon, using the free masks occasionally available to students. Or, flex your Hokie pride with some from the local bookstore and other vendors around Blacksburg. Do you want to “Make America Great Again” or “Make America Green Again”? Do you support Biden or miss Bernie? No matter where on the political spectrum you’re planning on voting for, there's a mask for you.

Mask Up

These masks are a constant reminder of the uncertainties we're facing. Socially, economically, and politically the world is constantly changing. Then, another plague hits. Right now, the best thing we can do is mask up. Make this bearable by sporting a mask to protect the people you love. Take this chance to wear your club mask or the one your friend made. During midterms when the Halloween masks full of ghosts and goblins show up on shelves, enjoy them. Go caroling in your shiny new Christmas mask. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a green mask, making sure you don't get pinched or sick! Most of all, handle this like a Hokie.