Life Doesn't Go According to Plan and That's OK


Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan and That’s OK


We have all made plans just for them to fall apart or to not work out at all. It can be frustrating and disappointing especially when it was something you were really looking forward to.  Sometimes it is more than just lunch plans with friends that fall through; imagine having a plan for your education and future career not go accordingly and turn out to be all wrong.


My initial reaction was horror at the fact that everything I had decided on and planned out so perfectly was an absolute disaster. I did figure things out though, and truth be told, the plans that I made lead me to exactly where I was supposed to be.




 From that, I realized that you can plan for whatever you like as much as you like but it isn’t always going to work out. Life isn’t just going to go along; life happens and gets in the way. But sometimes it is more than that, sometimes what we have planned isn’t what we are meant to be doing. Life intervenes at this point and saves us from ourselves.


It is no secret that life does not always go as planned, we all know this and have experienced it firsthand. Although that phrase is commonly used with a negative connotation, that isn’t always the case. Our perception of the situation and how we react will make or break the outcome. Keep a positive outlook on things even when they seem hopeless.


When your family starts asking you what your plans are after graduation or when you and your boyfriend are getting engaged, keep in mind that it’s OK not to have answers. Not having a plan doesn’t mean you are irresponsible or careless in any way.


Uncertainty can be intimidating but it can also be exciting. Don’t let the enigma of not knowing what the future holds for you be a burden. Let it be freeing in the sense that anything is possible for you.




There are times I find myself wishing things were different somehow or thinking that things aren’t ever really what I want. If only things were like this six months or a year ago. However, just like the plans I made for school, they didn’t work out for a reason. It may be cliché to say, and gag if you must, but in the end, everything is going to work out and for the better.


It is important to make plans, to have goals and things to look forward to. But planning every single detail of your day or life isn’t necessary. Stop making plans that are limiting you and start living in the moment. Try taking things as they come and go with what life hands you.




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