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It Shouldn’t Take a Global Pandemic to Unite Us

“We’re all in this together.”


We hear and see these words over and over again; they’re stated by companies on their websites, organizations through advertisements on television and celebrities on social media.


Although those words may seem out of touch, for many they are ringing true. 


The sense of community that we have all seemed to acquire through this nightmare is palpable. People have come together in ways that they haven’t before. We still have division, hate and issues that are far from being solved, but those aspects of our lives have seemingly been put on the backburner. 


It is wonderful that people are coming together to help their communities now. The frontline workers, obviously, whether it’s medical professionals or those working in essential businesses such as grocery stores, there are so many. The support of those that are at the front lines of this crisis is unmatched, and the unseen helpers as well. Those that are running errands for those that aren’t able to, those making masks and those that are supporting not only loved ones but strangers in these uncertain and scary times. 


We have seen an unwavering amount of unity through this crisis. I am not here to say that is a bad thing, because it is exactly what we need in hardship, however it should not take a global pandemic for the world to come together.

[bf_image id="q8uhlc-19f9lk-9by8dg"]  It seems that when things are good and we are happy the lives of others don’t matter as much. We become so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget that others may be struggling. Where is our sense of community then? Why does it seem that we are only united when we have one common goal or enemy? 


COVID-19 has affected us all; it has affected us all differently but also in ways that are similar to others out there. We are all handling, coping and processing this in different ways, but there has been a comfort of sorts in that we are all being affected in some way and that we are all going to get through this eventually. That comfort through the struggle has united us and I am thankful for that. 


I hope that when this is over the one thing that doesn’t return to normal is our lack of compassion for our neighbors. The sense of unity we had through this is something to hold onto, something that we should carry with us into times that are better than what we are facing now.


No matter what is happening in the world, we should be united. Even when we aren’t facing a global pandemic together, we are all facing this thing called life together. 

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Eva Cregger

Virginia Tech '20

An old soul with modern views of the world that loves movies, music, traveling and anything sweet. Majoring in Communication Studies at Virginia Tech. I am a proud Hokie & HerCampus member
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