How to Take Care of Yourself During Finals

How to Take Care of Yourself During Finals


By: Allie Rathert


Finals season is almost upon us, with exams and project due-dates looming. It’s an undeniably stressful time, usually filled with little sleep and lots of junk food. Here are a few helpful tips for taking care of yourself this final season:


1.    Stock up Healthy Snacks

Before the chaos of finals kicks into full gear, go to the grocery and get your favorite healthy snacks, and maybe just a few not-so-healthy snacks. These will give you something to munch on when you’re stress eating, without having to order DP Dough or going to Taco Bell!


2.    Take Study Breaks

Study Breaks are essential to being able to maintain the marathon of productivity! Find what methods best help you decompress from the stress, whether it’s putting on a face mask, watching an episode or two of Friends, doing dishes, or a little nap!



3.    Study with Friends

Even when the table is silent, everyone with their headphones in staring at their computer screens or scribbling furiously in their notebooks, there is a calming sense of comrade. By being surrounded by your friends, it's easy to see you are not alone in the battle for passing and surviving finals.


4.    Go Outside!

It is finally the time of year when the weather is nice! Take your textbooks, notebooks, and laptops and go find a spot outside to work. Virginia Tech is filled with spots outside where you can be productive while also enjoying the fresh air!



5.    Sleep!

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Sleep and practice other methods of self-care to make sure you are at your peak for dealing with finals and end of the semester projects.



Good luck! If you’re not ready to prepare for finals and just want to procrastinate more, check out other HerCampus articles!


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