How To Safely Stop Your Period

Let’s talk about periods and if it’s healthy to stop having them. I was recently scrolling through one of my social sites and a headline that read something along the lines of “Is skipping your period causing your vagina to decay?” That was an eye-catcher and I stopped and read what it was about and I was surprised that it was a topic that I didn’t think I had ever really heard talked about before! It was discussing the use of birth control to skip one or multiple periods for special events or just because it made life easier.

    Now, I’ve personally gone through this struggle for years until I switched to a three-month or 91 day pack which allows me to only have three to four periods a year which for some people is manageable. But for those who have health issues with their periods or want to avoid them altogether, it’s as simple as just skipping the placebo week and switching straight into your new pack. This can be done with a 21, 28, or 91 day pack but some women can experience a side effect called breakthrough bleeding. This can range from light spotting to something more similar to a full period. Even though this is really dependent on the type of pill you take as well as how your body reacts!

    If you are one of those women that struggle with breakthrough bleeding, I’ve personally found that having your normal period at least once every few months can actually help prevent this. Some women however have experienced that after 6 months, breakthrough bleeding is not an issue anymore because your body learns to adjust to not having its normal cycle anymore.

    The benefits of being able to regulate when and how often you have a period is something that I didn’t learn until I was well into college, and I think it’s important for girls to start talking to their doctors about these topics as soon as it’s appropriate. You may find that even if you don’t decide to take it continuously, just having the option to skip it every once in a while for a special occasion is a weight off of your shoulders. If you are thinking about taking your pill continuously or want to change to a pack with a longer time span then please go and talk to your doctor.You should always discuss with your doctor the side effects and risks of changing medications or changing the frequency or method of how you take your pill.


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