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As a lot of you may know by now, the Eras Tour has begun. I was lucky enough to get through the Ticketmaster battle and will be seeing Taylor Swift in concert this summer. I’m so excited about the concert this summer, so here is how I’m preparing for it.

Listening to all of her songs

I’ve loved listening to Taylor Swift for as long as I can remember. So when I found out she was going on tour, I was so excited. One of the ways I’m preparing for the concert is by listening to her entire discography. Here are my top five favorites from my top three albums (Disclaimer: I love every song on these albums, so it was extremely hard to pick my top five.):

  • From Speak Now, my favorite album: “Enchanted,” “Better Than Revenge,” “Long Live,” “Mean” and “The Story Of Us.”
  • From Reputation: “New Year’s Day,” “Call It What You Want,” “Getaway Car,” “King Of My Heart” and “Delicate.”
  • From folklore: “the lakes,” “invisible string,” “seven,” “illicit affairs” and “the 1.”

These three albums are constantly on repeat. I absolutely love these albums and can’t wait to hear what she plays live from her entire discography. 

Picking my outfit.

I’m not going to spill all of the details about my outfit, but I will say that I’m very excited. I’ve gone through so many TikToks, and I’ve made many Pinterest boards trying to figure out what I want to wear. If you need ideas, those are what helped me find inspiration. Don’t forget earplugs to protect your ears. I know they might not match your outfits, but you can always take them out for pictures.

Taylor Swift wearing floral dress at 2021 Grammy Awards Red Carpet
Photo by Francis Specker / CBS
Watching everyone’s TikToks. 

I’m so excited to see everyone post because I love watching everyone’s “get ready with me” videos for concerts and seeing what people post for the day of their concerts. I’m most excited to see everyone’s outfits for the Eras Tour because I know so many people are keeping it a secret until the day of their show. I think it’ll be so cool to see what everyone picks for their outfits.

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Listening to the opener’s discography.

Not only have I been listening to Taylor Swift’s music, but I have also been listening to some of the songs from the openers. At the concert I’m going to, Phoebe Bridgers and Owenn are the openers, and I’m so excited to see both of them live, especially Phoebe Bridgers. 

I hope everyone that is going has a great time. I’m so excited and cannot wait to hear about everyone’s experiences.

Katie Tuggle

Virginia Tech '25

Hi, my name is Katie and I'm a senior majoring in psychology. I love being around my friends and family, chasing sunsets, listening to music, and driving around. I am so happy to be a part of the Her Campus writing team because I feel like I have found a place where my voice gets heard. Her Campus allows me to tell my stories without being interrupted and it gives me a place to be my true self.