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How To: Handle the Morning After

The hot rays of the sun wake you. You rub your eyes and are in desperate need of some Advil for the splitting headache you have from drinking the previous night. You go to sit up and realize you are not in your room. Uh-oh.

What have you gotten yourself into? There is probably make-up smeared all over your face. Your feet are throbbing from the heels your roommate told you to wear out. You notice a condom wrapper on the side table. You look next to you…there he is.

What are you supposed to do? Wake him up or let him sleep? Do you try to tiptoe quietly out before he wakes up and realizes what happened, or do you try and go back to sleep until you guys can be confused together? The questions are endless.

Here is the proper etiquette for the embarrassing one-night stands you might come across while in college.


  • Hog the covers
  • Try to wake him up
  • Try to cuddle
  • Ask him to go to breakfast
  • Wait too long before you have to make the wonderful walk of shame
  • Try and talk to his roommates on the way out
  • Text him a million times that day
  • Stalk his life away on Twitter and Facebook
  • Be seen or heard
  • Dwell on the previous night…stuff happens


  • Make sure you have all of your belongings
  • Accept the fact that if you forgot something, it is lost forever
  • Leave a note with your name and number if you want a round two
  • Tiptoe out of the room…put your heels on somewhere else
  • Wait and use the bathroom at home
  • Tell only your besties about the details of the previous night
  • Wait for him to text you
  • Act casual when running into each other on campus
  • Probably get yourself checked for STDs
  • Strut home in your high heels and mini skirt…you might as well work it!

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