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Members of Her Campus at Virginia Tech
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Gobble, Gobble, Gobblerfest: Clubs to Check Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

Finding your place at Virginia Tech can make your whole Hokie experience better. The best way to find those places is at Gobblerfest, Virginia Tech’s annual fair to meet all of our organizations.

If you’re unsure where to start, here are my seven favorite organizations to check out.

Her Campus at Virginia Tech

Ok, so, clearly I’m biased towards HCVT — but it’s only because we are an amazing group of girls who love and support each other. Why should you check us out at Gobblerfest? You’ll get to meet members of our different teams, win prizes and get the chance to sign up for our EmpowHER event. Definitely come meet members of our writing team, editing team, social media team or street team — and don’t forget: applications open August 29th.

Chocolate Milk Monday Club at Virginia Tech

In this corner, we have one chill club: Chocolate Milk Monday Club. If you love chocolate milk, this group is a great place to meet people with like-minded individuals. Every Monday outside D2 at 6pm, this group will gather around and enjoy a nice glass of milk — but watch out for their rival.

Squirrel Watching Club

In the other corner and rival of CMMC, the Squirrel Watching Club. If you love to keep up with club drama, you might remember when Chocolate Milk Monday went head-to-head with Squirrel Watching Club — however, we love everyone here! If you’re more keen on watching the wild squirrels, head over to their table and talk about squirrel watching.


Love to write in your downtime, but don’t want it to feel like a job? Check out CreativiTea, which is Virginia Tech’s first creative writing organization to be created. They cover a plethora of topics and genres: short fiction, romance, comedy, poems, creative nonfiction, and more. If you want time in your week to work on your writing and meet people with common interests, definitely look at CreativiTea.

Chi Omega (or any sorority)

This wouldn’t be a well-rounded club list without Greek life. While I’m not in sorority, I have only had good experiences with Chi Omega — however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look towards the other 21 sororities. If you don’t want a Greek life sorority, there are plenty of others that fall within community and volunteer life.

SalsaTech at Virginia Tech

Love to dance? Want an excuse to leave campus? Check out SalsaTech! They’ll help you learn salsa, bachata, and many other dances. On Wednesdays, you can head over to the Milk Parlor and join in salsa nights at 9:30pm. Can’t get off campus? Wednesdays don’t work? Head over to Squires on Mondays for dancing at 6:30pm. Just remember to grab your dancing shoes and have fun!

We Suck at Art Club

If you want a no pressure art club to let go and relieve some stress, find your way to We Suck at Art Club! They meet every Tuesday from 6:30 to whenever people start to leave. You’ll get to try different forms of art, such as watercolor, origami, and their semesterly WSAC Banner. It’ll be a great time!

Starting your journey at Virginia Tech can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. However, finding clubs and organizations that help you build lifelong friendships can help. Make sure you find these organizations — or any of the other 988 — to create your own unique experience. See you there, September 2 from 4-7pm!

Madi Armstrong

Virginia Tech '23

Madi Armstrong is a senior studying multimedia journalism with minors in Spanish and creative writing. Through writing, she hopes to empower those around her to advocate for what they believe in and to use their experiences in ways to help others. Proud to be part of Her Campus, she hopes to leave a lasting impact and create an environment where everyone feels welcome.