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Long-distance relationships are no joke. It’s hours of FaceTiming, sending “I miss you’s,” planning time spent with each other down to the minute, and endlessly wishing that they were next to you instead of behind their phone. However, I promise that every text message is worth it if you’ve got the right person! 

Here are some of the things I’ve learned while in a long-distance relationship:

1. Weekends together are so important!

Whenever my boyfriend and I plan to meet, we always try to maximize our time. Check for a limited exhibit at a museum or a pop-up farmer’s market. Expand your horizon and go to that restaurant you’ve been dropping subtle hints about! Don’t wait for a “special occasion” because every occasion together should be special. 

2. Don’t become a helicopter girlfriend.

Of course, it’s okay to ask where your boyfriend is if it’s been a few hours without a text back. You have a right to worry, especially if he’s typically quick with his responses. But don’t forget to breathe! I guarantee you the reasons for his unresponsive behavior waver between his phone being dead or leaving it on silent while in class and forgetting to turn the ringer back on. 

3. Remember your life outside of a relationship.

Don’t become overconsumed with him! It’s a dangerous game that you will inevitably lose. I know you love him, and I’m sure that he loves you, but he should also love you and your drive to succeed. Your daily phone call can wait until after your quiz or that networking email you told yourself you’d send to secure an internship. 

4. Communication is, and I cannot stress this enough, everything. 

Not being able to see each other every day is challenging, but bottling your feelings and emotions will escalate things faster than you realize. Whether you’ve had a rough day and need to vent, or you haven’t spoken as much, let him know! It’s much better than drifting apart because you’re worried about “annoying” him. 

Being apart can be difficult, especially while in college. But it’s not the end of the world! Just remember to cherish those “I love you’s” before bed and the goofy memes he sends you out of affection. 47 years ago, cell phones didn’t exist. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone creates a teleportation device.

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Camden Carpenter

Virginia Tech '21

Senior studying Smart and Sustainable Cities, with hopes to become a traveling urban developer. Attemping to embody "Carpe Diem" in her everyday life, both physically by getting a tattoo of the quote, and mentally by taking risks while trying to maximize each day's full potential.